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About Us:

The VMware Cloud Solutions Labs, founded in 2016 has a charter to bring together the many Hardware, Software and Implementation partners in the greater VMware ecosystem in an externally accessible lab environment. Constant requests for collaboration from VMware partners in all disciplines accentuated the need for a unique location and process to streamline the submissions, selection and subsequent creation of co-branded collateral including white papers and videos. The solutions lab is located outside the VMware network and accessible via the Internet facilitating collaboration between VMware and partners in joint solutions.


  • To present an external lab environment suitable for VMware Technology focused Solutions development and co-branded collateral creation.
  • To foster an open environment where VMware Partner andĀ  Internal personnel can collaborate to develop innovative and thoughtful solutions
  • To encourage VMware and partner personnel to consider innovative solutions to industry problemsĀ  in an open co-sponsored lab environment.

VMware Cloud Solutions Lab Partners: