Oracle SQL Server

DBA Guide to Databases on VMware

DBAs are being challenged to provide 24×7 database services to application owners with the flexibility and autonomy they expect while keeping the infrastructure as simple and economical as possible. Traditional databases running on fixed physical hardware are often over-sized, under-utilized, protected by complex, expensive clustering solutions, and require rigorous processes for version control and continued application compatibility. Meanwhile, organizations are increasingly virtualizing their enterprise applications in production and with a robust platform like VMware, mission-critical databases are no exception.

If knowledge is power, then knowing the capabilities of the underlying intelligent virtual infrastructure is certainly powerful for the DBA. Experienced Database Administrators (DBAs) recognize that virtualization unlocks capabilities that were impossible in physical environments.

Most importantly, the value of virtualization goes far beyond basic consolidation. Virtualizing database applications on vSphere can improve application Quality of Services (QoS), and accelerate application lifecycles while significantly reducing application costs. In this brand new DBA Guide to Databases on VMware, we discuss database performance on VMware, examine the general tasks for DBAs, and introduce VMware technologies and tools that assist DBAs in design, implement, test, operate, and maintain databases in a virtual environment.

The following topics are covered in detail in this guide:

  • DBA's roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding VMware performance
  • Design, Develop and Test databases on VMware
  • Migrating existing databases to VMware
  • Securing and running databases on VMware
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot database performance
  • Frequently asked questions from SQL and Oracle DBA's

Get your free copy of this hot-off-the-press DBA Guide to Databases here. And if you are a vSphere veteran you might want to share it with your DBAs. Don't forget to share your feedback and questions in the comments section of this blog.

Kannan Mani, Oracle on VMware, Solutions Architect

Wanda He, Microsoft on VMware, Solutions Architect