Perspective on Support for Oracle with VMware, Part 2

In March of 2009, I posted a commentary on the nature of Oracle’s support for VMware. And more than 18 months later, all the points raised there still hold.

Perhaps the most important change during this time is that Oracle has given customers a uniform approach to VMware support. They have a single document that outlines support for their products running on VMware, readily available to Support customers with registered access to MyOracleSupport. In 2009 JD Edwards had its support exclusion removed, and this month, Oracle removed the RAC support exclusion as well.

We have also had 18 months of further customer experience, and as we have seen with our own Oracle deployments (we run VMware on E-Business Suite), Oracle Support delivers excellent customer support for our environment, virtualized since 2008. With the changed support policy toward RAC, it will only be a matter of time before the production RAC back-end for our E-Business Suite instance is fully-virtualized as well, allowing our environment to be 100% virtualized.

We continue to encourage customers to experience for themselves Oracle’s commitment to customer support. It has worked well for us, and with RAC now supported, we suspect you’ll find that it can work for you, too.