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What’s New for the VMware Cloud on AWS PowerCLI Module

With the recent release of PowerCLI 12.0, a handful of new cmdlets were added for use with VMware Cloud on AWS to gather information about your organization and assist with managing your SDDC clusters:

  • Get-VmcOrganization
  • Get-VmcSddcCluster
  • New-VmcSddcCluster
  • Remove-VmcSddcCluster

Let’s take a look at each of these and how they can be used to gather information and manage your SDDC.

Organization Information

VMware Cloud on AWS accounts are based on an organization, which normally corresponds to a group or line of business subscribed to the service. Users are granted access to the organization to consume the subscribed services and may belong to more than one org.

The Get-VmcOrganization cmdlet allows you to retrieve information about the orgs you belong to including host and SDDC limits, high-level creation and update information, as well as your org ID.

Here’s an example of gathering data for a specific organization called “VMC-GA”:



Viewing SDDC Cluster Information

We can get the org information and use an existing cmdlet (Get-VmcSddc) that allows us to get our SDDC information, but now we can drill down a little more and retrieve the clusters of the SDDCs from the VMware Cloud environment.

We can find some basic information with the following command, specifying the name of our SDDC:



We can also get a little bit more detail, which includes the cluster ID, by piping the command to Format-List:



Managing SDDC Clusters

One of the great things about VMware Cloud on AWS is that we have a fleet of hardware available and ready to be consumed. This allows customers the flexibility to add and remove hosts (and clusters) based on their needs. Our new cmdlets make this a breeze.

We can add a cluster with a very simple command:



Conversely, we can remove a cluster within the SDDC:



Check out the Cloud in a Minute video to see it in action!



PowerCLI 12.0 brings us the ability to view org information and some extremely useful cmdlets that allow us to manage our SDDC clusters. Update to the latest version of PowerCLI with the following command:




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