Distributed Switch Management

Using PowerCLI for Distributed Switch Management


We’re excited to release another video in the series on PowerCLI tips and tricks! This time we’re covering how to use PowerCLI for distributed switch management. This video shows how to perform the following tasks easily: Creating a vSphere Distributed Switch Adding Hosts to the Created vSphere Distributed Switch Creating Distributed Port Groups Creating a Read more...
API Access Preview

vSphere API Access Comparison – Lightboard Style


A question keeps coming up more and more often around accessing the vSphere API with PowerCLI. The conversation is normally centered around when to use Get-View versus when referencing an object’s ExtensionData property should be used. This provided a great opportunity to create a lightboard video to highlight the different methods: To answer the actual Read more...

New Release: Learning PowerCLI – Second Edition Book


Recently, the new book Learning PowerCLI – Second Edition was published by Packt Publishing. Learning PowerCLI – Second Edition contains 517 pages of PowerCLI goodness. The book starts with downloading and installing PowerCLI. It continues with basic PowerCLI concepts, and working with PowerShell objects. Managing vSphere host, virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, high availability, clusters, Read more...