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PowerCLI: Continually Making Improvements for Quality Customer Experiences

It’s not every day that a product team can come out and say that they listen to their customers and continue to release new features and functionality asked for by it’s users. One of the wonderful opportunities I’ve had while working with our PowerCLI team is to see how focused they are on not only providing new features and functionality within different VMware products (allowing users to automate and administrate a number of key VMware products in their virtual environments), but also how actively they are listening to the feedback that YOU, the customer, are giving us. Continue reading

PowerCLI found Globally!

Ok, in today’s world, let’s be honest. Everything is pretty much global… What I wanted to point out were some fantastic datapoints I received from a vExpert gift we sent out a few weeks ago.

vExpert Gift


Recently, we had a signup for all of our VMware vExperts

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New PowerCLI Resource: PowerCLI Cookbook by Philip Sellers

All of you PowerCLI users, listen up. If you haven’t seen on Twitter already, a new PowerCLI book was released on March 25, 2015. I’ve had several individuals reach out to me directly and ask about this new cookbook, which appears to be a very good compliment to some of the other books already published. Continue reading

Renamed Cmdlets in PowerCLI 6


Screenshot 2015-04-01 05.45.34

One of the many enhancements found in PowerCLI 6 R1 is that several cmdlets were renamed. This was done in an effort to better align with Microsoft’s cmdlet naming standard and to be consistent across products. This will also help individuals learn the PowerShell and cmdlet names faster because of the consistency.

So, what changed? Continue reading

PowerCLI For Tenants Merges into PowerCLI 6.0 R1 Installer




It’s a great day in PowerCLI! As of PowerCLI 6.0 R1, we have merged the PowerCLI for Tenants installer into the core PowerCLI installer. Now customers only need to download a single installer for all PowerCLI use-cases. When installing PowerCLI you will be prompted to choose which ‘Features’ you would like to install.




Why is this great? This is great because now it is easier for our customers to install PowerCLI and select the items they need. One download, one install… Simplicity.

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