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Community PowerCLI Scripts Week 51

As Christmas is approaching at the moment it reminds me of good will and helping others, something the PowerCLI community knows all about.  I constantly see people helping each other, writing scripts, sharing tips or just meeting up to talk about PowerShell and PowerCLI.  Sometimes scripts are even written by multiple people with the same end goal in mind “Helping the community”

The first of these scripts is such a script – multiple authors but first started by Josh Atwell, a great script for ensuring your VMs are ready for vMotion….

vTesseract.com Y U No vMotion ?

A great script which helps you diagnose vMotion issues, ensure your vMotions will take place by allowing PowerCLI to test each machine before it is moved.

JonathanMedd.Net Configuring HP EVA Recommended Settings for ESXi via PowerCLI

Do you have a HP EVA Array ?  Make sure you check out this script which will automatically setup your hosts with the HP recommended settings.

Lucd.Info – vSphere 5 Top 10 – VMFS5

A set of nice scripts which will automate lots of great VMFS 5 items, if you just want to view the version of the datastore or maybe mass upgrade all datastores to VMFS5 then make sure you check out this great post.

blogs.vmware.comvCO PowerShell Plug-in

Not a script but a plug-in, this post shows how vCenter Orchestrator can be used to run PowerShell scripts from workflows, maybe you want to convert some of your scripts into workflows, maybe you want to use other PowerShell features and snapins inside your workflows – get it all here, well worth a read !

vniklas.djungeln.se Check number of running VMs on a datastore

Not a script but a one-liner, with this single one line of code you will be able to instantly see how many powered on VMs are on your datastores.

Community PowerCLI Scripts Week 50

Week on week I see some great scripts coming from the PowerCLI community, I thought it would be a great idea to share the top 5 scripts (in my opinion) and ensure PowerCLI users are aware of these great scripts.

Lucd.Info – vSphere 5 Top 10 – HA

A collection of great scripts which show how to detail information on vSphere 5 HA roles and configuration including heartbeat datastore information.

Blogs.technet.com – Use PowerShell to Simplify Access to Data Through PowerCLI

A guest script on the Microsoft Scripting Guys blog which shows some of the great features of PowerCLI and specifically more information on Get-View, ExtensionData and the New-VIProperty Cmdlet.

Lucd.Info – vSphere 5 Top 10 – Storage DRS

Another great script showing how to use PowerShell advanced functions to extend the PowerCLI cmdlets and add support for datastore clusters, some great functions here to Get, Set, create and remove datastore clusters.

blog.shonkyholdings.com – Using export-clixml to recreate vSphere (PoSH) objects

A nice script showing how to export objects as XML data and what benefits this will give you.

Virtu-Al.net – VM Start-up script

This script shows how to find certain VMs on your hosts and start them, this is a great script to use when you have lost your virtual vCenter and need to start it up quickly.

Podcast: What’s new in PowerCLI 5.0

PowerScriptingIf you have a commute to work or just want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of PowerShell there is no better way than to listen to PowerShell based podcasts, there are two great podcasts available at this point in time which focus on PowerShell and often include great PowerCLI tips and interviews.

See the bottom of this post for a link to the downloads.

Recently on the PowerScripting podcast episode 166, Alan Renouf from VMware Technical Marketing gave an interview on what's cool in the PowerCLI world, he explained how he got started in PowerCLI and also some of the new features in PowerCLI 5.0.

I recommend downloading and listening to the PowerShell podcasts, they are a great source of information and sure to make the  time go quicker when you are stuck in endless traffic !

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And of course if you have iTunes installed then you could always add the podcasts with PowerShell…


$iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application



$iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application



Alan Renouf – Technical Marketing