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PowerScriptingIf you have a commute to work or just want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of PowerShell there is no better way than to listen to PowerShell based podcasts, there are two great podcasts available at this point in time which focus on PowerShell and often include great PowerCLI tips and interviews.

See the bottom of this post for a link to the downloads.

Recently on the PowerScripting podcast episode 166, Alan Renouf from VMware Technical Marketing gave an interview on what's cool in the PowerCLI world, he explained how he got started in PowerCLI and also some of the new features in PowerCLI 5.0.

I recommend downloading and listening to the PowerShell podcasts, they are a great source of information and sure to make the  time go quicker when you are stuck in endless traffic !

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And of course if you have iTunes installed then you could always add the podcasts with PowerShell…


$iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application



$iTunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application



Alan Renouf – Technical Marketing