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Monthly Archives: April 2009

June 2009 PowerCLI Webinar, vote for the topics you want to see.

A lot of people see the power and potential of automating with VMware’s PowerCLI (formerly called the VI Toolkit for Windows in case you missed the announcement), but it’s hard to find time to learn it well enough to get meaningful value out of it.

So we’re going to begin a series of webinars to help address this difficulty. In an attempt to make the webinar more relevant we’re going to do a few things a bit differently:

  1. Open agenda. In other words, you vote on the topics you want to see and we prepare examples relevant to the topic.
  2. A full recording of the webinar will be archived.
  3. All sample scripts we create will be downloadable in a single bundle.

You can vote on our voting site or use the widget below. Note you can also submit ideas of your own. Even if we don’t cover them in June we may add them to the voting list for future months and cover them later.

Voting will close on May 15 to give us time to prepare the webinar. The exact date and webinar details will be published later, so stay tuned and happy voting.

Managing VMware with PowerShell book: Sample scripts now available.

VMware vExpert Hal Rottenberg has been working hard on the definitive book for managing VMware with PowerShell. His publisher has posted about 40 sample scripts from the book available for download now. A quick glance through the scripts shows there’s a lot of stuff there related to configuring ESX hosts. Hal’s book should be out very soon but this is a great way to keep busy until then.

No more parentheses!!!

In the midst of the name change fever that has swept through VMware, one name change may have gone unnoticed. So I’m happy to officially announce that starting with the launch of vSphere (whenever that may be), the name VI Toolkit (for Windows) is no more. Instead, we will be known as vSphere PowerCLI. Whether you love the name vSphere or you hate it, I think we can all agree that this is one name change for the better.

Some of you may have read this a bit nervously. You may wonder, “What happens to all the commands with VI in the name?” “Are my scripts going to stop working?” No, we haven’t done anything that drastic, name changes that affect stuff you may have in production are going to be done slowly and carefully, so for now just enjoy the new name.

And if you’re a twitter fan, you can find out all the latest PowerCLI news by following our twitter account, or find out what people are saying about PowerCLI over at Twitter Search.

Faster than a speeding turtle, the Virtualization EcoShell has launched


Last week the Virtualization EcoShell launched. If you liked PowerGUI, you’re going to love EcoShell, because they’ve taken the heart and soul of the PowerGUI project and have transformed it into a product that’s laser-focused on managing VMware. If you’ve never used PowerGUI before, don’t worry, anyone who uses VMware on a day-to-day basis is going to love EcoShell.

With EcoShell, as with PowerGUI, you get a management interface that covers a huge array of VMware management and automation tasks. But wait there’s more! My favorite feature of EcoShell is some really great reporting features they’ve got out-of-the-box. Alan Renouf has a couple of example screenshots and they are amazing. I’ve shown these off to a few customers and the typical reactions is along the lines of, “You’ve just saved me 6 weeks of work”.

Now how much would you pay? Well, sorry you can’t because EcoShell is free. I will, however, accept donations (no personal checks please).

Once you’ve downloaded, be sure to check out EcoShell’s forum where you can get additional ideas on using it or request new features. If you want some tips getting started, Scott Herold put together a series of videos that will get you going.

Also, if you’re coming to VMworld in San Francisco, look out for a presentation that Scott and I will give, showing off some of EcoShell’s stuff, as well as a few tricks of my own I’ve been saving up. Hope to see you then!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here.

And I don’t mean the vSphere launch, I mean something far more important than that. Hal Rottenberg’s definitive guide to managing VMware with PowerShell is almost here. Hal’s book has lots of great tips that cover everything from installation and configuration to maintenance and reporting. You can pre-order your copy now. It makes a great gift, so order two.