Last week the Virtualization EcoShell launched. If you liked PowerGUI, you’re going to love EcoShell, because they’ve taken the heart and soul of the PowerGUI project and have transformed it into a product that’s laser-focused on managing VMware. If you’ve never used PowerGUI before, don’t worry, anyone who uses VMware on a day-to-day basis is going to love EcoShell.

With EcoShell, as with PowerGUI, you get a management interface that covers a huge array of VMware management and automation tasks. But wait there’s more! My favorite feature of EcoShell is some really great reporting features they’ve got out-of-the-box. Alan Renouf has a couple of example screenshots and they are amazing. I’ve shown these off to a few customers and the typical reactions is along the lines of, “You’ve just saved me 6 weeks of work”.

Now how much would you pay? Well, sorry you can’t because EcoShell is free. I will, however, accept donations (no personal checks please).

Once you’ve downloaded, be sure to check out EcoShell’s forum where you can get additional ideas on using it or request new features. If you want some tips getting started, Scott Herold put together a series of videos that will get you going.

Also, if you’re coming to VMworld in San Francisco, look out for a presentation that Scott and I will give, showing off some of EcoShell’s stuff, as well as a few tricks of my own I’ve been saving up. Hope to see you then!