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Hear the Complete Software-Defined Hyper-Convergence Storage Story with VMware and Nexenta on 11/19

Get your notepads and pens ready, because we’re co-hosting a webinar with Nexenta, on November 19, at 8 a.m. PST detailing our complete, software-defined, hyper-convergence infrastructure offering. Join this webinar to learn how Virtual SAN and file services will fit in your environment, what Software-Defined Storage has to offer your organization and how your business can benefit. Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.10.35 PM

VMware’s own Rawlinson Rivera, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, will co-host the webinar with Nexenta’s Michael Letschin, Director, Product Management, Solutions. During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Storage provisioning and management of VMware Virtual SAN’s hypervisor-converged storage
  • Merging VMware Virtual SAN with VMware EVO: RAIL into a hyper-converged infrastructure that combines compute, networking and storage resources
  • How NexentaConnect for VMware Virtual SAN enables better file services, snapshot and self-service file recovery
  • How Nexenta can support a variety of workloads and business-critical situations through its Software-Defined Storage solutions

Register for this webinar and learn how to build on your VMware Virtual SAN instance with Nexenta!

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SQL Pass Conference completed

The vSphere PMM team in collaboration with the GTS team successfully completed VMware’s participation in the 3-day SQL Passs Summit conference at  the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle today.  We met with hundreds of successful SQL Server on vSphere customers to deliver the overall VMW message through the innovative use of the “Recharge Lounge”.  415 total attendees of the conference received a 5-min massage while they recharged their devices after they discussed their present or future success with SQL Server on vSphere.SQLPass1

VMware Sponsors “Recharge Lounge” at SQL Pass Conference

Following up on the momentum gained in the SQL Server on vSphere space last month as a result of the Elite SQL Server workshop, the vSphere PMM team arranged the sponsorship of the “Recharge Lounge” at the SQL Pass Conference in Seattle this week.  This specialized lounge not only allows conference attendees to recharge their devices but when they individually present a coupon, which they can only get from the VMware booth, the attendee will receive a 5 minute professional massage.   Not exactly what we do regularly but amazing effective in drawing in attendees to the VMW booth.  The stories are typical “We use vSphere for everything and it all works great” was a common theme.   We are on track to pass out 500 massage coupons in the 3 days of the conference.  This is fun!

SQLPass2 SQLPass3SQLPass1

Oregon State University uses VMware Virtual SAN for their growing VDI environment

Oregon State University, a public institution with more than 26,000 students and growing VDI workloads wanted a high performance storage tier for their VDI environment. However, they wanted the solution to be up and running before the school summer session began, along with being easy to operate and scale on an on-going basis, without requiring large upfront investments.

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vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 SPBM Walkthrough (Part4): Provisioning a new VM

powercli 5.8 iconWelcome to the next installment of our vSphere PowerCLI 5.8 walkthrough series of the new cmdlets for vSphere Storage Policy Based Management. So far we have seen:

Introduction to vSphere Storage Policies
Creating vSphere Storage Policies
Associating vSphere Storage Policies

In this article we will take the next step and illustrate how to leverage vSphere Storage Policies to enhance the provisioning of New VMs. We will have a few provisioning examples involving a virtual machine with a single traditional storage array backed datastore, a vsanDatastore, and a multi-vendor mixed datastore environment.

PowerCLI cmdlets referenced in this blog article:


Follow these links for more information on creating vSphere Storage Policies for Virtual SAN:

Using the vSphere Web Client
Using PowerCLI

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VMware Virtual SAN Performance Testing – Part IV

Virtual SAN ObserverIn Part I, Part II and Part III of this blog post series, we reviewed methods of running benchmark tests on a Virtual SAN cluster using three different methods; synthetic I/O Tools such is Iometer, pre-created application I/O trace replay files available for download, or custom created application I/O trace replay. Once you are running benchmark testing, there will be the need to assess and analyze the performance results of your Virtual SAN cluster, and how they meet the needs of the target applications within your environment . In this post, we will review some key concepts in performing a performance analysis of your Virtual SAN solution.

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Do You Need Hardware Guidance to Accelerate Your Virtual SAN Deployment?

It has been 10 months since we released the first set of Virtual SAN Ready Nodes , which are validated server configurations jointly recommended by VMware and Server OEMs to accelerate Virtual SAN deployment. We have been working closely with multiple Server OEM partners to continuously update the list of Virtual SAN Ready Nodes.

The Virtual SAN Ready Node is another great option besides the DIY/Build-your-own option to deploy Virtual SAN, as we had discussed in the past such as in the June 23rd blog.

We have expanded the list from 24 (in June) to 40 Virtual SAN Ready Nodes from eight Server OEMs.

Why should you care about the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and how do you use them?

RN Benefits

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Webcast from Database Trends and Analysis on Virtualizing Oracle Databases and Software

The webcast will describe the amazing results of the survey taken by Database Trends and Analysis (DBTA) which quantified the tremendous adoption rates of Oracle Software on virtualized infrastructure http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/solutions/oracle/VMware-The-Empowered-Database-2014-IOUG-Platform-Decisions-Survey-Report.pdf .  Sign up for the webcast at http://proof.infotoday.com/kr/webevent-dbta-panel-7nov14/

Update on the registration link for this webcast.  Use any of the following links

Logging USB devices plugged into ESXi


I just found an interesting question on an internal message board here in VMware. A customer was wondering if it was possible to disable USB ports at the ESXi level. They are a very security conscience organization and they want to block any opportunity for someone internally with malicious intent to plug in a USB drive. Normally, this would be done at the BIOS level of the hardware but some device manufactures don’t implement that functionality.

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VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal App Update

VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal App IconIt’s hard to believe that another VMworld season has come and gone.  I enjoyed the many conversations I had with our customers and partners in both San Francisco and Barcelona.  Your thirst for knowledge and everlasting quest to deliver high quality IT services to your business is refreshing – especially considering rapid pace of innovation in the industry combined with the ever increasing demands being placed on you!  That’s the paradox of IT today – so many cool new toys and so little time to play learn.

VMware has developed the VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal (VMKP) app to help.  There’s no shortage of information, and sorting the wheat from the chaff can be time consuming.  The VMKP provides technical, timely and accessible VMware product knowledge in a convenient mobile format.  The content is curated to ensure that you have ready access to the latest technical content relevant to your jobs in the Software-Defined Data Center.

The VMKP includes a variety of technical content, from product whitepapers and reference architectures to demo videos and Product Walkthroughs (the same Product Walkthroughs that you’ll find on http://featurewalkthrough.vmware.com).  Much of the content can be marked for offline viewing, so you have access to good technical information where ever you are (planes, trains and that dark basement office that IT always seems to get stuck with).

VMKP-screenshot-EUCWe’re constantly updating the app – some 200 new End-User Computing related assets were uploaded during VMworld 2014!  The app also just received a minor update to support iOS 8.  Grab the VMKP today from the Apple AppStore or Google Play – here are the links:

VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal on Google Play Link              VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal on App Store Link QR Code

VMware Partner University Mobile AppVMware Partners should also download the VMKP’s sister app – VMware Partner University Mobile.  The VMware Partner University Mobile (VPUM) app gives VMware Partners access to enablement training, tools and content.  With VPUM, partners can access online or offline e-Learning courses, leverage enablement tools like Partner mToolBooks, Sales Bytes and Launch Playbooks, and review VMware event presentations and vmLIVE recordings.  The icon to the right will take you to the landing page where you can find the download links.