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VCP-Cloud Exam Released

Today we released the VCP-Cloud exam, which gives you two ways to earn your VCP-Cloud certification depending on where you are in your career.

Path 1
If you are already a VCP5-DV (VMware Certified Professional 5 – Datacenter Virtualization, formerly known as VCP5), all you need to do is pass the IaaS exam to earn your VCP-Cloud certification. There are two courses that can help you prepare for this exam, but they aren’t required:

Path 2
If you are just starting with VMware technologies or don’t have VCP5-DV certification, then you need to take two steps to earn your VCP-Cloud certification:

  1. Attend one of these qualifying courses:
  2. Pass the VCP-Cloud exam

Learn more about the VCP-Cloud certification and the two paths towards earning it at www.vmware.com/go/vcpcloud.

2 thoughts on “VCP-Cloud Exam Released

  1. Valerian Crasto


    I am VCP 4 certified. My query is, am I applicable for VCP Cloud exam cerification?

    Do I need to attend any trainning?


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Hi Valerian,

      You have two options to earning VCP-Cloud certification.

      Path 1 – Upgrade your current VCP4 certification to VCP5-DV (by attending a vSphere 5.x What’s New course & passing the VCP5-DV exam) and then take & pass the IaaS exam


      Path 2 – Attend a qualifying vCloud course and take/pass the new VCP-Cloud exam.

      Details are available at http://www.vmware.com/go/vcpcloud

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