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VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – Come See What’s New in Our April 2021 Release

Since its inception, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has matured into an enterprise-optimized infrastructure as-a-Service solution that scales up in density and capacity and provides enterprises with a fully managed, on-premises solution built to accelerate their digital transformation aspirations. The inclusiveness of the service eliminates any CapEx investment, includes a Dell VxRail infrastructure loaded with VMware SDDC software, and includes comprehensive, proactive support and lifecycle management of the hardware and software.

Our April 2021 release, announced today, builds on the robustness of this innovative service. First, This service is now included in VMware’s Cloud Universal’s services portfolio, which includes VMware Cloud services that can be paid for flexibly using the program’ s common SPP credits.  Additionally, the April release introduces a completely new console experience for customers called VMware Cloud Console.  This new console not only fosters the management of workloads and service interaction for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC customers, but provides a single console for all VMware Hybrid Cloud services and cloud extension services. Both of these announcements are significant enhancements for this service and for customers.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC: Subscription credit flexibility with other VMware Cloud services

VMware Cloud Universal subscription is a new program which enables customers to purchase and flexibly use VMware Subscription Purchase Program (SPP) credits to pay for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC as well as other services in the Cloud Universal portfolio, which includes VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Tanzu Standard. This program allows customers to pay for right combination of these services using a common SPP currency. Customer’s can migrate to the cloud in a flexible manner, choosing the right combination of private and hybrid cloud services to speed their particular digital transformation architecture needs while maintaining consistent infrastructure and operations.

Customers looking to modernize their on-premises or edge infrastructure, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides a subscription-based infrastructure as-a-Service solution that delivers a fully managed, customer-scaled infrastructure for the contract term.  Built around an integrated combination of Dell VxRail hardware and VMware SDDC software, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is fully capable of handling any modern workload. Together,  Cloud Universal and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provide a modernized infrastructure service paid for with Cloud Universal credits that can used to pay for any of the other cloud services in the Cloud Universal services portfolio.


VMware Cloud Console: evolutionary console integrating all VMware Cloud services

The service portal for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC was initially designed to allow customers to size and order their VMware Cloud on Dell EMC service and once deployed, use the same console to access familiar VMware tools to manage their workloads or check the status of their service infrastructure. Similarly, Customers of other VMware Hybrid cloud services would log into their services unique service portal environment to access tools and their workloads in those environments. With today’s release, use of separate portals for the different VMware cloud services is a thing of the past. Introducing VMware Cloud Console.

VMware Cloud Console provides an immersive, single integrated console used to access and interact with VMware’s portfolio of Cloud services and extension services. This single console experience provides rich informational dashboards showing relative services information for all VMware Cloud services the customer subscribes to. It also provides enhanced VMware workload tool panels that allow simplified, granular operational control of the clients workloads. 

Cloud services extensions such as Tanzu Kubernetes are also operationally integrated in the VMware Cloud Console.

The goal with VMware Cloud Console is to provide VMware Cloud services customer with a single console environment that provides significantly improved information granularity and consolidated VMware workload tool environment that addresses all VMware Cloud services subscribed to.

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team is very interested in any questions you might have. Please email questions to . You can also find the latest news on our service on Twitter at @VMWonDellEMC. More information on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC can be found on our product webpage .