vSphere with Operations Management Updates!

It’s that time again, release time! This month’s releases feature some great updates to vSphere with Operations Management in the form of vRealize Operations Manager (vR Ops) 6.6 and vRealize Log Insight 4.5.

Updates to vRealize Operations Manager 6.6

With this release, the first thing you’ll immediately notice is the updates to the user interface (UI). vR Ops now follows the Clarity Design System. Clarity is an open sourced project that focuses on applying standard user experience guidelines to an HTML/CSS framework along with Angular components.

What that really means, vR Ops has a new, easy to use, and amazing looking interface. Don’t take my word for it, see this example for proof:

vR Ops 6.6 Login Process

More information about the Clarity Design System can be found on the Project Clarity GitHub page.

This UI change also allowed vR Ops to streamline the process of accessing environmental information. The “Getting Started” dashboard is now more interactive and gives faster access to those listed dashboards.

vR Ops Getting Started Dashboard

Speaking of dashboards, quite a few were recipients of updates and added functionalities!

The “Workload Utilization” dashboard is one of my favorites and received some substantial updates. This dashboard is now known as “Workload Balance”. There are some good reasons for this change. The first is that it has taken over the duties of the DRS dashboard! We can now view and modify each cluster’s DRS settings directly from this dashboard. Additionally, we can now visualize the workload of distributed virtual switches, distributed virtual port groups, and even vSAN disk groups.

vR Ops 6.6 Workload Placement Dashboard

That’s not all, taking a look beneath the “level” image we’ll see some blue links. While there are no changes to the “Rebalance Container” link, the other two are brand new. The first of the new links gives the ability to schedule rebalance container actions at specific times and intervals. The other link is to configure the “Workload Automation Policy Settings”. There are three tunable settings: Consolidate Workloads, Balance Workloads, and Cluster Headroom. Watch this blog for a deep dive on how these can be used in the near future.

vR Ops 6.6 Workload Placement Policy Settings

The other dashboards receiving updates are the configuration orientated dashboards. These have been refreshed to show some better information based on inputs from our users.

Updates to vRealize Log Insight 4.5

This release of Log Insight has taken the vR Ops integration to the next level! There are now four different ways to interact between vR Ops and Log Insight. The Log Insight dashboard and interactive analytics modes continue with this release, but there are two new methods. The first is more by way of an action. Simply double clicking on specific objects will now bring up those related logs. The other new method is through vR Ops’ Alerts area. When opening an alert, there is a new link to “View Logs”. Clicking that link takes you to that resource’s events within Log Insight.

vR Ops 6.6 Alerts View

There have also been a handful of other updates on the server side. These include the addition of several new REST APIs to query alert executions as well as notification histories. This release also includes updated versions of the General and vSphere content packs. Lastly, the vSAN and vR Ops content packs are included by default.

Wrap Up

vSphere with Operations Management continues to get better and better. From the amazing new UI to the streamlined ability to access the information you need, this release looks as good as it performs.

Upgrade your environment today!

For more information on each new release mentioned above, please see the following: