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New Features Coming to vSphere with Operations Management

This has been a big month for releases, especially for vSphere with Operations Management! Earlier this month, both vRealize Operations (vR Ops) and vRealize Log Insight released updates. Then, just this week, vSphere 6.5.0b was released.

Important item of note, vSphere 6.5.0b contains the first update to the vSphere Client (HTML5)!

vRealize Operations 6.5 Updates

Let’s start by checking out some of the great stuff coming with the vR Ops’ 6.5 release.

The first key update is around some new integrations with Log Insight! Log Insight is now accessible from the Home menu, a brand-new dashboard, and even at the object level!

vR Ops & Log Insight Integration Demo

As shown in the above example, it’s now so much faster and easier to access log data and then even compare and contrast that data with available metrics.

Note: After the update, make sure both vR Ops and Log Insight integrations are properly configured or items like the new Logs tab may not show up.

vR Ops & Log Insight Integration Configurations

The other key update is to the node performance and overall scale numbers! There’s a pretty big bump in the backend performance with vR Ops 6.5. To see the specific scaling numbers available with vR Ops 6.5, please refer to this KB article (2148829).

While we’re talking about nodes, there’s some updates there too! The individual nodes can now have their memory increased up to double the original size in order to monitor a larger number of objects. This eliminates the need to deploy an extra node, for those environments that might not be quite ready for it. However, if you do need a new node, there is also the new node size of XL. This new, larger node occupies 24 vCPU and 128GB of RAM, but it can manage a staggering 40,000 objects and 15,000,000 metrics!

Lastly, if you remember, pDRS (predictive DRS) with vR Ops 6.4 had some limitations around cluster sizes. I’m happy to say those limits no longer exist with this new version! If your clusters are within the vSphere Configuration Maximums, pDRS fully supports them.

vRealize Log Insight 4.3 Updates

This latest release of Log Insight is a little subtler. However, there are still some very important improvements included.

Log Insight’s server side received some notable updates. VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) SSO has been added as a supported authentication source. Some of the cleanup has been automated, as host entries are now set to expire after being idle for a period longer than 90 days. There are also some new APIs which are focused on the upgrade process. More information about these APIs can be found on the Log Insight API Documentation site.

The User Interface (UI) front also received updates. The biggest UI update is how the dashboard lists now feature a drop-down capability. The dashboards have been grouped and can be shown or hidden based on those groupings now!

Log Insight Dashboard Orientation

The UI updates have updated the Interactive Analytics side as well. The line charts can be customized with a new trendline. The pie charts now show a legend featuring the actual percentage as well as the percentage’s label.

Log Insight Trendline

Log Insight Pie Chart Legend


There we have it! vSphere with Operations Management has received some great updates, ranging from performance increases to usability benefits.

These are also all compatible with vSphere 6.5, so upgrade today!

For more information on each new release mentioned above, please see the following: