VMware Experts Database Workshop – Oracle Edition – April 2016

The most recent edition of the VMware Experts Database Workshop completed last week in Palo Alto. This event was focused on Oracle as the Cloud Platform Business Unit and VMware Execs partnered with Pure Storage to host 11 prominent and specially selected Oracle technology technical experts for a “Dawn to Midnight Oracle on vSphere” experience. Each of the invited individuals works with the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the VMware Special Interest Group (VMware SIG) of that organization. The workshop program is a precursor to inclusion in the various BCA oriented advisory groups and the respective NDA internal/external email lists that constitute signature components of the program. After over 20 presentations and open discussions, customized labs and various extracurricular activities including a night at AT&T Park the group departed Palo Alto with a true sense of the level of the total commitment that VMware has towards all Business Critical Applications and Databases running on vSphere. Wednesday was a particularly memorable day and will forever be known as the “Wednesday of the Titans” as it began with a presentation on “Oracle on vSphere Licensing” from the worlds foremost expert on the subject, David Welch from House of Brick. Dave’s presentation was followed by an amazing open discussion led by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and finally the game at AT&T park featured Madison Bumgarner facing Zach Grienke on opposing mounds.

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