I’m often asked if you can use vCenter Server Heartbeat to protect the Auto Deploy Server. The answer is yes and I’m happy to announce that we now have some videos and product walkthroughs that show how this is done.

To view the product walkthrough visit and select the recently added vCenter Server Heartbeat section. Here you will see the walkthrough showing how to use vCenter Server Heartbeat to protect your Auto Deploy server.

Walkthrough heartbeat

Along with the walkthrough on protecting the Auto Deploy Server you will find additional walkthroughs that show how to setup Heartbeat to protect the vCenter Server and the related SQL database.  Note that there are even walkthroughs that show how to upgrade vCenter Server Heartbeat.

Walkthrough hb menu

Now if you prefer to watch a video opposed to using a walkthrough then please visit the VMware TV YouTube channel.

I would like to thank Mike Brown for putting these videos and product walkthroughs together. This is an excellent resource for anyone who uses vCenter Server Heartbeat.