Hello all,

I have heard recently that people are calling for help with SRM, and generally do not provide logs, so we need to ask for logs, and so it stretches out how quick you get help with SRM.

If you want the quickest and smooth support experience, I recommend you start by gathering your SRM logs, submit them with your support request on the web, and then phone for help.  This way, you will be talking to someone that has your logs to look at and they can start more quickly helping you!

I suggest you do this for any issue you are calling VMware with, whether it be SRM, ESXi or another product.

SRM logs can be gathered by using the option in the VMware menu on an SRM server called Gather SRM logs which is found in VMware VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.  The URL below is where you can start your support experience.  Please use this process and be sure to do it on both sides!

File a support request:

Support Contacts:

Gathering your SRM log files

As always, comments and suggestions welcome!