Workplace Innovation: Highlights from the VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2022, Part Six of Six

by: VMware on VMware Staff

Part one of this series provided an overview of the VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2022 and VMware IT innovation. In part two, we looked at the digital transformation of our modern apps. In part three, we examined modern SaaS innovation. Part four dealt with security innovation and part five -part looks closely at sustainability innovation in the digital age.  

In this final installment of our six-part series, we explore workplace innovation.  

R/Evolution of work

The global health crisis accelerated our need to embrace digital transformation. Over one weekend, 95 percent of VMware colleagues (our term for employees) transitioned to working remotely. The logistical disruption to our organization was staggering but VMware IT rose to the challenge with innovative approaches.

Today, our IT teams continue to support a remote, distributed workforce that has produced myriad benefits since 2020, such as a global hiring pool, increased automation, and the development of new models for collaboration. Our digital transformation is a journey we’re all on together, one that is about creating new possibilities and connecting people, processes, data, policies and systems. It allows us to deliver engaging and delightful new experiences to our customers, colleagues and partners. The current chapter of this R/Evolution illustrates how a diverse and distributed workforce helps us collaborate and deliver best-in-class products and solutions to our customers.

Retooling how we work

VMware IT addressed one challenge that essentially did not exist before the pandemic: how to recreate the proverbial water cooler in our digital workplace. Our teams understood that the concept of coming into a physical building every day is forever changed. We are proud of our diverse workforce, and everyone has preferences regarding where they want to work. But being together to collaborate is still essential, and that’s the focus of how we retooled our physical spaces.

Historically, offices were designed for people to come to their assigned seats to work. But colleagues have demonstrated they can work effectively from anywhere. It is antiquated thinking that everybody needs to sit in a small cubicle to be productive. We used to focus on managing more than 100 offices but have adapted to managing more than 35,000 workspaces. Now, each colleague has their unique workspace.

To date, 64 percent of the VMware real estate portfolio has been retooled and redesigned with collaboration in mind for colleagues who choose to come into the office. There is less dedicated space for heads-down individual work and more areas for groups to collaborate. When people enter the office, there are spaces for digital whiteboards, phone rooms or Zoom rooms, and social gatherings.

One VMware

The culture of any organization is paramount to the success of the revolution of work. Technology will amplify an organization’s culture, for better or worse, so getting the culture right lays the groundwork for the seamless execution of the evolution of work. That’s why the next chapter of the VMware story is transforming our work culture. Our approach is One VMware, a transformative evolution that empowers all colleagues by first breaking down silos and working as one big collaborative team. All voices and perspectives are invited, so we create the future together.

VMware is dedicated to inclusivity, and we reflect that in our daily language, from the code that underpins our products, to customers, colleague communication and collateral. As part of this commitment, we incorporated an inclusive terminology tool that helped us identify and eliminate insensitive terms that don’t reflect our values.

Our strength lies in our diversity, being stronger together, and inspiring colleagues and customers. We listen, learn and explore to design the best outcomes and provide value. We are open to new ideas and new ways of accomplishing our goals, even if this requires us to challenge our way of thinking. As a result, no colleague is left behind on our journey. One VMware grants permission to fail fast and stay in learning mode. We cut through the noise to simplify, removing roadblocks to deliver what’s important.

You can find the VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2022 here to learn more about our sustainability innovation.

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