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Better Than Hollywood? Why a Multimedia Career in High Tech is Awesome (Really)

by: VMware Director, Global Multimedia Services Josh Burton and VMware Senior Manager, Multimedia Broadcast and Live Events Craig Chapman

A commonly held opinion is that working for a corporation as an AV/multimedia professional is not as rewarding or creative as working in traditional film, television and event production. But emerging technology, the pandemic, a proliferation of devices, remote users, and numerous other factors have radically changed that scenario. 

Put simply, the corporate world has become, well, less corporate. Regardless of industry, customers want experiences that engage and wow, and research confirms this. Enterprises must make their offerings stand out, and that means they welcome and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to tackle their new and complex hybrid problems. The ‘we’ve always done it this way’ philosophy is simply too outdated for globally competitive marketplaces.

Man breaking bricks for demonstration

Customers today expect enterprises to “wow” them with amazing experiences.

That makes what you do for a living (or are about to do as a college grad) a great career path. Your skills are desperately needed and will continue to be in high demand well into the future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor alone estimates a 21 percent growth rate for the AV/multimedia profession, far higher than most other occupations. Of course, the next obvious question is why go the corporate route at all if you’re in such demand? 

Corporations offer stability, higher salaries, access to the latest equipment, predictable hours that allow you to have a life balance, and better benefits. This eliminates common feast-or-famine job scenarios and insulates you from unexpected challenges, such as when the pandemic devastated the live event and conference industry. 

Paid to fail and other great perks

Pink piggy bank with coins stacked

You knew this blog was going to highlight VMware, but it’s not in the way you think. Yes, VMware is a solid industry leader, is consistently rated one of the best places to work, has a truly global presence, and offers a wide range of benefits (liberal paid time off, paternity/maternity leave, flex hours, etc.) A lot of enterprises can make the same claims, and there is nothing in this paragraph you couldn’t find on the VMware website.

What we want you to know is why you really want to work for VMware.

For starters, VMware is going through a massive digital transformation, and that includes AV/multimedia. That means you can be an integral part of shaping its future. And that future features the metaverse (virtual/augmented reality), video conferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.), webinars, streaming, virtual events, and emerging technologies designed to deliver the best experiences possible. 

Even better, there is a corporate-wide fail fast policy—backed by all management levels—that encourages experimentation and thinking outside the box without potential repercussions. Every idea is ultimately fair game to pursue. This is radically different from a lot of work environments you may have encountered.

Model businessman in suit

Sorry, human resources insisted on at least one corporate stock photo.

Being part of a high-tech enterprise also allows you to partner with IT personnel to learn and develop a wide variety of new skills employing the latest technology. Everyone is there to support your goals. There are no silos or fiefdoms, and AV/multimedia is given the same level of respect as any other VMware discipline. Some companies treat AV/multimedia personnel as simply an expense or necessary evil, instead of as an essential partner to their core business. 

And when we say VMware is global, we mean it. With 41 physical offices in 24 countries, VMware has the technology and the infrastructure to support your wherever and however you choose to work. This includes 100 percent remote or a hybrid version that combines live in-person with remote work—an approach that offers the ideal blend of traditional AV and the future of work.

Finally, you may think you have to have a high-tech background and/or studied it in college, right? Wrong! As mentioned above, our company is looking for what you do best, and there are endless examples of VMware colleagues in every department who had little or no high-tech experience prior to joining. Put another way, if you’re working on a conference or event, what’s more important—knowing the topics being discussed or ensuring all participants have a great experience?

We are hiring sign on red background

Okay, I think we’ve given you a good primer as to why an AV/multimedia career at VMware (or any company that values digital efficiency as a competitive advantage) could be your dream job. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities opening up around the world later this year.

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