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Cultural Transformation: Highlights From the VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2021 Part 2 of 5

Part one of this series provided an overview of the VMware IT Performance Annual Report 2021, which highlighted four categories of our digital transformation: 

  • cultural transformation
  • cloud transformation
  • workspace transformation
  • security transformation.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at cultural transformation and how it’s the indispensable component of innovation.

Nothing hampers innovation like deficiencies in workplace functionality; causes include lack of diversity in the workforce and a culture that doesn’t encourage taking risks and exploring new ideas.  

Despite being the premier provider of digital solutions, VMware is not immune from having a leery workforce afraid to try new things. We work in a fast-paced industry, and it can be tempting not to veer away from trusted tools and processes. But this dependency on how we worked yesterday has the potential of preventing us from seeking new solutions that foster innovations tomorrow.

Diverse Workforce   

VMware offers colleagues the ability to work wherever they feel most productive. While many worked remotely before 2020, the pandemic changed how we operate. Processes were put in place quickly to allow our business to continue functioning at a high level while our colleagues worked from anywhere.

This necessity not only allowed us to meet the demands of our customers, but it also provided us with a greater pool of talent from around the world. Diversity in the workforce ushered in new ideas, and we saw innovative new ways to offer solutions for how we worked. Legacy processes were evaluated, and changes were made that improved quality and productivity.

VMinclusion, our diversity and inclusion initiative, is a business-led effort to attract and engage the multinational and multicultural talent critical to our globally connected business. Our transformative IT solutions harness the power of human differences and build an inclusive and diverse community.

Innovative Mindset

What’s the difference between an industry leader and an industry follower?


Industry leaders never shy away from encouraging their workforce to consider new ideas and take risks. They don’t get bogged down in how things were done in the past. Instead, they’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to be more productive and provide a best-in-class Customer and Colleague experience. But none of this is possible without an innovative mindset.

Fostering a culture of innovation at VMware helps bring many ideas to life. Examples of this are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline internal processes, create better products and improve customer success engagements. We created an ML marketplace to provide an area for uploading and sharing AI and ML tools and application enhancements and encouraging the development and growth of innovative solutions.

To break down internal silos, teams were encouraged to submit their ideas to a group of IT subject matter experts (SMEs) acting as reviewers. The top ideators were included in a VMware IT version of Shark Tank to motivate innovators and build talent. They were given targeted problem statements with competitive events to accelerate problem resolutions. These efforts encouraged innovation and resulted in a three-figure increase in submission of invention disclosures and a nearly 90 percent year-over-year (YoY) growth in the number of approved applications for filing patents—all supported by the VMware Legal and Patents teams. Additionally, due to a higher sense of work autonomy, employee satisfaction improved

Innovation is predicated on successfully aligning digital transformation efforts with our core values of a diverse workforce’s “employees first, customers always” mindset. Engaged and collaborative colleagues who are encouraged to challenge the status quo will innovate new ways to continue to serve our Customers in an ever-evolving marketplace, ensuring our place as the premier technology provider.    

Part three of this series will delve into our cloud transformation story. Check out more blogs about different aspects of the IT Performance Annual Report 2021.

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