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Let’s Do This! Join VMware IT for VMworld 2021

by: VMware on VMware staff

2021 has been another challenging year for the IT community. It’s also been a great year for innovation, rethinking strategies, and delivering unparalleled experiences to users, employees, and colleagues around the world.

That’s why the VMware on VMware team is excited to share what we’ve been up to since VMworld 2020, and how our ongoing journey can dramatically accelerate your own, includng what we’ve learned about what works, what doesn’t, and how your enterprise can thrive in the ‘new normal.’

Virtually amazing

As with the last VMworld, this year is virtual again. That means you can join online from anywhere in the world, and general admission is completely free! It also means it’s easier than ever to meet with our IT subject matter experts, whether in a breakout session or one on one meeting. 

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The content catalog is live, so start planning your VMworld 2021 experience. You’ll discover presentations on app modernization, work environments (remote, on-site, hybrid), cyber and physical security (hey, VMware has robots now!), multi-cloud deployments, and much more. Best practices, tools, tips, and lessons learned are all ready for you to discover.

Schedule your agenda and reserve your sessions now by heading to the VMworld scheduling function directions and FAQ

Breakouts that break the mold

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Check out our technical breakout sessions, where IT experts discuss their product deployment journeys with a focus on mission-critical areas of the enterprise that matter most. Can’t make a particular live breakout or roundtable? All sessions are recorded so you can watch at your convenience. 

Here’s what you can expect:

IT breakout sessions

App modernization 

  • Rapid Application Development [CODE2748]
  • Transforming Customer Experiences with VMware’s App Modernization Platform [APP1319]


  • Better Secure and Optimize Your Network to Work from Anywhere [EDG1477]

Digital workspace

  • Delightful Onboarding from Day 1 [EUS2179


  • How VMware IT Rapidly Deployed a Secure Work-from-Anywhere Architecture  [SEC2660]
  • VMware on VMware: Zero Trust Security Story [SEC2715]
  • The Last Line at VMware—The Security AI in Our Pocket [SEC2103]

Vision and innovation

  • How Data-Driven Insights Guide SaaS Transformation and Customer Success [VI1817]

Glasses and book volumes

Expert 1:1 advice, on point and on demand

Existing VMware customers can schedule a 1:1 meeting with our VMware subject matter experts by contacting their VMware account representative or It’s the fastest way to accelerate enterprise growth in this ever-changing business climate.

We’re available for 1:1 Customer meetings on the following topics. Contact your sales rep or to schedule a meeting with our subject matter experts. NOTE: 1:1 meetings require a premium pass.

App Modernization

  • How VMware IT is Driving App Modernization with Tanzu
  • How VMware IT Uses Tanzu Observability by Wavefront for Full-Stack Performance Monitoring
  • How VMWare IT Uses Tanzu Application Services (TAS) to Improve Developer Productivity and App Operations
  • How VMware IT runs Modern Apps Better and Faster with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • How Digital Transformation Powers VMware SaaS Business Growth
  • The VMware IT Deployment Journey With RabbitMQ for Mission-Critical IT Services
  • redB: VMware Relational Database Service

Digital Workspace

  • Embracing the New Norm. VMware IT Empowers Remote Productivity
  • How Workspace ONE Intelligence Empowers VMware IT to Make Better Decisions 
  • Move Beyond the Limits, How VMware IT Embraced Modern Management of Windows10
  • VMware IT Works It Out: One Product to Manage Mac and Windows
  • VMware IT Journey with Workspace ONE Access
  • Self-Service Onboarding Mutually Benefits VMware and Colleagues
  • Modern Management: Virtual Desktops & Apps to Support Distributed Workforce
  • Modernizing Workplace Management With Workspace ONE UEM Modern Endpoints
  • How VMware Virtual Reality Is Transforming the Workplace
  • How SaaS Made Seamless (and Secure) Identity and Access Management a Reality for VMware
  • How the VMware IT Help Desk Responded During COVID-19

Vision and Innovation

  • Increasing Productivity by Providing a Superior Colleague Experience
  • Envisioning the Workplace of the Future
  • Think You’re Tough Enough? How VMware IT Built a Global Resiliency Program 
  • VMware IT Private- Hybrid- Multi-Cloud Strategy 
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green (Until Now)—Management Strategies for Operating Green Clouds
  • IT Transformation: The VMware Journey 
  • VMware IT Cloud-Native Digital Transformation (CNA)
  • VMware IT Future Ready Journey
  • How VMware Quickly and Securely Enabled Its Workforce for Remote Productivity


  • Deploying vSAN in VMware IT’s Production Environment
  • 1-Click Happiness: How Automation Accelerates VMware IT Service Delivery
  • How CloudHealth Enabled VMware to Regain Control and Optimize Public Cloud Spend
  • How VMware Manages the Private Cloud with vRealize Operations
  • Implementing Log Insight
  • SAP HANA using VMware Technologies
  • Too Cool for School. How the VMware Learning Platform Changes Education
  • Transforming Your IT Engineering Organization: in an Analog Way
  • VMware Cloud Business Office: Our Secret Weapon to Tame Multi-Cloud
  • How VMware IT Migrated Mission-Critical Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Achieving High Performance with Application Virtualization
  • Using vCenter to Deploy and Monitor Multi-Cloud Workflows


  • How VMware IT Deployed and Adopted Carbon Black Cloud
  • Safe as Clouds. The Journey from Legacy to Cloud-Native Security Principles
  • Trusting Zero Trust. How VMware IT Reimagined Security and Resiliency
  • VMware IT Explores Passwordless Security and Discovers Less is More
  • So Many Clouds, So Many Vendors—Let’s Talk Security and Compliance

Virtual Cloud Network

  • How VMware IT Solved the Load Balancer Challenge Using NSX Advanced Load Balancer 
  • Using NSX Firewall for Micro-Segmentation Planning and Troubleshooting Network Traffic
  • VMware SD-WAN Makes Working from Home Seamless
  • Implementing Zero Trust Using NSX Datacenter Micro-Segmentation

Get charged up by staying current

Stay current on all the exciting VMware on VMware activities by following us on Twitter before, during, and after the event. And don’t forget to check out our blogs for insights (and updates) on VMworld sessions from previous years—as well as keeping up with the latest on rapidly changing IT trends. 

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We look forward to seeing you at VMworld 2021. For more information about how VMware IT uses our own products and technology to solve critical challenges, visit our microsite.

VMware on VMware blogs are written by IT subject matter experts sharing stories about our digital transformation using VMware products and services in a global production environment. Contact your sales rep or to schedule a briefing on topics of interest. Visit the VMware on VMware microsite and follow us on Twitter.


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