Workspace ONE Provides a Frictionless Onboarding Experience

by: VMware Director, Client Foundation Services Orlando Diaz

These days, digital is the only experience that employees have with many businesses, VMware included. As we redefine how work gets done, technology companies must quickly evolve to create more valuable employee experiences that will continue to resonate in the future.

One area that is greatly affected is the process of onboarding (new hires, interns, contractors, and newly acquired companies). At VMware, new hire onboarding and procuring/ordering equipment was traditionally a slow process. For example, when a new hire ID was created, the VMware deployment team configured everything remotely and delivered a device to be set up on Day One. The process was time consuming, with managers doing most of the work.

To speed things up, VMware IT moved to VMware Workspace ONE® and token-based authentication, which not only simplifies the onboarding process but also prevents unauthorized clients from accessing the system. Now, before any equipment is procured, new hires receive a token authentication link. When the link is clicked, new hires are directed to the Workspace ONE portal with a one-time authentication link. While in Workspace ONE, new hires simply create a password, enter their email address, and set up their token to begin the out-of-box experience. In some cases, new hires wil choose to use their own device and leverage a VMware virtual desktop rather than receiving an additional physical device.

Feedback about the new onboarding process indicates that new hires are impressed by its ease and seamlessness. Moving to just a few easy steps not only provides a delightful, frictionless experience but also makes the onboarding process more secure. Part of what makes the process so seamless is that when booting up for the first time, new hires can log in and enroll their devices with their existing credentials. The enrollment process is completed in a couple of minutes, giving new hires access to all the applications and resources assigned to their accounts instead of only the HR application. After setting up Workspace ONE with supported biometrics on Windows or Mac, new hires no longer need to regularly enter a code for multifactor authentication on the Workspace ONE portal. To finalize the enrollment of an additional device, new hires install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and sign in with their credentials, giving them immediate access to the same applications and resources on their laptop.

The updated process now has new employees set up and ready to start within one hour. A new VMware solution engineer notes that “the ease of it all makes Workspace ONE a must-have for every environment,” adding that “the VMware onboarding experience is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of in a massively good way … an overall pleasant experience. I give it 5+ stars.” A new member of the VMware technical staff agrees that VMware virtual onboarding is a seamless experience and gives “big thanks to the teams who make it possible.” And according to a new staff engineer, “The onboarding experience is fabulous. I’m delighted to be part of the VMware family.”

Looking ahead, VMware IT plans more improvements for the onboarding experience. For instance, when an offer letter is signed and new hires set up credentials, they will have a self-service ability to order equipment via prompts options, such as “Now it’s time to order your hardware,” “Here are the options available,” and “Will you need a keyboard, mouse, monitors, etc.?” In addition to procuring equipment, new hires can meet each other and receive keynote videos and communication—all via artificial intelligence and chatbot technology before Day One.

Now, these sound like delightful experiences!

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