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VMware IT Uses Digital Transformation Strategies to Become More Agile

At VMware, we are undergoing a digital transformation that touches on nearly every aspect of our workplace. But what does digital transformation mean for our business? It means we’re embracing new ways of operating and launching innovative projects to make it easier to access the tools needed to get work done, including modernizing our apps for a more agile enterprise. It also means that we’re building an infrastructure that can take advantage of this evolution and transform our business through IT innovation.

To meet the increasing demands of our global business, we continued our journey toward optimizing cloud native deployments, such as the addition of Kubernetes and container microservices—technologies that help us deliver new features faster. And for the first time, VMware IT added accountability for companywide operations, systems, and tools to its charter, which drove collaboration to accelerate our software as a service (SaaS) approach, as well as our strategy for merger and acquisition integration.

This past year, we offered our first revenue-generating IT service, the VMware Learning Platform, a cloud service that delivers on-demand knowledge and learning events to everyone, everywhere. We also received approval on four new patents and were named to several prestigious lists: Fortune Future 50, Forbes World’s Best Employers List, Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT, and America’s Most JUST Companies by Forbes and JUST Capital for the third year in a row.

Overall, 2019 was a year of innovation and accomplishment, and we are off to a good start to achieve even more in 2020. Get more details in the blog.

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