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VMworld 2019 Exclusive! How VMware IT Goes from Day 0 to Day 2+ (Without Missing a Beat)

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By Tom Ralph, Sr. Cloud Service Architect; Zaigui Wang, Senior Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Operations; and Mohammed Kajamoideen, Senior Cloud Infrastructure Administrator—all VMware


Managing the infrastructure lifecycle—from Day 0 to Day 2 and beyond (Day 2+)—can involve a lot of pain and frustration if not done correctly, especially when the best laid plans go off the rails without warning. We know . . . and sympathize. Our team has been there!


That’s why we encourage you to come join our team of IT experts at VMworld 2019 as we discuss what we’ve learned—through trial and error—over the past few years. You’ll get to hear VMware’s complete story from Day 0 to Day 2+, including the pain points, best practices, automation required, and other aspects involved with infrastructure lifecycle management.


The Days fly by. Here’s what to do about that


Day 0 discussion will be about planning, hardware procurement including right-sizing all purchases, and how to ensure all stakeholders are on board for deployment. The Day 1 talk will cover the deployment itself and how to guarantee all deployment settings are the same.


The focus of the session will be about Day 2+ ongoing lifecycle tasks. After all, when it comes to infrastructure this is where the majority of IT resources are devoted. Topics include remediation, upgrades, permware patching, (efficiently) managing the minutiae of daily operations, how to keep infrastructure current year-after-year in an ever-changing tech landscape without additional investment (Day 2+), and more.


Finally, we’ll cover the inevitable. How do you gracefully wind down infrastructure even if time is of the essence? Conversely, how to you start again at Day 0 once the infrastructure has reached its end of life?


We want to hear your stories, too


Do you have a great infrastructure lifecycle story to tell? If so, our team and your peers want to hear it. Your successes, challenges, tips & tricks, favorite tools, lessons learned, and anything else you’d like to share. Bring your laptop as this will be a highly interactive, personalized experience.


We look forward to seeing you!


Attend VMworld 2019 SF



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