Congratulations to the Q2 VMTN Community Warrior!


Congratulations to our newest VMTN Community Warrior, Abdullah Abdullah!

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Congratulations to VMware Technology Network’s newest Community Warrior, Abdullah Abdullah, for being a beneficial member to our community. We are truly thankful for everything you do to help the VMTN community.


Read to learn more about Abdullah:


How did you get involved in VMTN?

[AA] I’ve always believed the concept of giving back and becoming part of the greater cycle for good and I started developing a huge interest in VMware and its products around 2010 and I saw the community around the platform and how collaborative it was and still is. I’ve been part of the VMTN since 2011, my active participation started with my blog in 2012 and then onwards to Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn.

The peculiar thing about the community is that it drives you to all sort of good things. My involvement moved to VMUG, and then to becoming a speaker  and active participant at VMworld, and to crown all of that past and present experience the community was my biggest supported during my VCDX journey.


How are you involved in any VMware communities?

[AA] My blog addresses all sort of VMware topics (probably is oriented based on the projects at hand and the things I encounter in my home lab). I’m there on Slack and a lot of interaction goes there with peers, customers and VMware corporate talk as well. Also, I’m a vExpert, and I’m involved in multiple groups over WhatsApp and we do help each other a lot there too.


What is the most difficult thread/ situation you’ve helped to answer?

[AA] The toughest situations is where you have people asking for help on production environments that are down and they don’t have support and they’re required to solve the problem themselves, it gets tricky because as professionals we know what is at stake and when the situation is not resolvable it brings me frustration to be honest.


What advice would you give to community members on learning more and becoming a better professional?

[AA] Every time you get asked a question or someone seeks help from you and before answering, think of: “How would you like it if you were in that person’s shoes?”. If we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes, especially when help and support is needed and we offer them the same help as if we were the ones being helped it would change  a lot and it would definitely increase the community adoption and push people to be a force for good in their own way.


What was the first VMware product you every used, where and when?

[AA] VMware Workstation, I was working at a bank at that time and it was love from the first provisioned VM :-D.


How can people follow you or get in touch?

[AA] I am available via Twitter @do0dzZZ also via my blog http://notes.doodzzz.net and via the VCDX directory as well.



Thanks for your time, Abdullah!


Do you see someone frequently answering questions in your favorite forums? Did someone provide support to you recently at a VMUG or over Twitter? Any community involvement counts. Head to the Community Warrior page to nominate a user, or email jenniferg@vmware.com.


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