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Introducing the CloudCred Pro League

Learning | Meets | Livestream

What is the CloudCred Pro League?

CloudCredibility.com has selected 8 players to make the leap into our inaugural CloudCred Pro League. Typically, on CloudCred, players complete learning or engagement tasks on their own or with their team, earn points, and move up the leaderboards. No one but the player can observe what strategies he or she has used, and no one is able to watch this process.

With the Pro League, however, play is moving to Twitch. You’ll still find the tasks on CloudCred, where points and status and announcements will be displayed – but each Pro will livestream the steps involved in completing each task, so you can learn by watching.


Sounds interesting. What’s the content?

Great question! Season 1 covers vSphere 6.7 – and Match 1 is entitled Upgrade to vSphere 6.7. So, as you can guess, the four Match 1 tasks cover the intricacies of upgrading. The Pros will install and configure vCenter Server for Windows 6.0 or 6.5, configure the Update Manager, use the Appliance Migration Tool, and more throughout this 6-week Match.


What if I want to play, too?

We hope you do. As of Monday, March 25, the Upgrade to vSphere 6.7 Tasks 5749 – 5753 are available at CloudCred in the Homelab – Upgrade to vSphere 6.7 Badge. Work alongside the Pros in your own homelab, and the experience will be that much more valuable.

Match 1 officially kicked off Monday, March 25. Get your home labs fired up and be sure to follow our Pros’ Twitch accounts by clicking on the links in their profiles below.


Meet the CloudCred Pros

Dave Simpson  Dave Simpson

Dave has been using VMware products since before vCenter was a thing. Homelabber, hack blogger, tech mentor, VMUG Leader, CloudCred team founder of the infamous LonVMUG team, five time vExpert, and now a member of the VMUG Board of Directors, Dave has been increasingly involved in the vCommunity over the past ten years. Dave lives on the South coast of England with a very tolerant wife and a herd of small dogs.


Gareth Edwards  vProGareth

Gareth is an ultimately tech-y, geeky, social guy with tons on his plate: vExpert status 2016-2019; NTSP; CCA-V; Apple ACSA; Meraki CMNA. Gareth also co-founded @OpenHomelab & @OpenTechCast and blogs regularly at virtualisedfruit.co.uk. Above all, Gareth is a devoted dad and enamored husband.


Doug Taliaferro  DougTPro

Doug is an IT professional and technologist focusing on VMware technologies, virtualization, Powershell, automation and IT/Cloud infrastructure.  He enjoys strong coffee and automating mundane tasks.


Lino Telera  Lino Telera

Lino has been a computing enthusiast since 1987 & is a true nerd inside. He has been a software developer and system integrator since 2001, a system architect focused on System Automation, and virtualization specialist since 2008. Lino also serves as a VMUG.it board member, TechFieldDay delegate, a blogger, mentor, and Cloud Native Applications coach (blog.linoproject.net).


Rob Bishop  vProBish

Rob is an IT Infrastructure Manager for a UK Insurance company with over 25 years experience, initially training as an accountant but soon moving into an IT role supporting financial applications and then onto the underlying Infrastructure. He is a vExpert and all-around CloudCred junkie holding the current #1 overall status. But it’s not all IT – Given a chance, Rob’s out in the mountains skiing.


Andrea Mauro  Andrew M.

Andrew is a self-proclaimed virtualization addict, VMUG.IT co-founder and co-leader, VMTN user and moderator, long-time vExpert, CloudCred loyalist, technology teacher, and student. You never learn enough!


Andy Nash  Nashers

Andy is a life-long IT Professional, earning vExpert status from 2016 – 2019. He is interested in all things virtualized, and definitely addicted to #CloudCred. Andy blogs at https://andynashers.wordpress.com and holds way more certifications than the average person.


Eric Nielsen  ericnipro                 

Eric is the Sr. Director of Social Media and Communities at VMware and once-upon-a-time co-creator of CloudCred. ACM Member, Engineer, Administrator, and Community Guy at heart. When he’s not brainstorming the next best way to connect, Eric’s keeping bees, hanging out with his four kids, or cruising around the Bay Area in his Jeep.



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