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vExpert vSAN 2018 Announcement

Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert vSAN. The vExpert team and the VMware Storage Business Unit are pleased to announce the list of 2018 vExperts who received the vSAN award. This elite group includes bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool builders, community leaders and general enthusiasts. This group of individuals have passion and enthusiasm for technology, but more importantly, have demonstrated significant activity and evangelism around vSAN.

Please join us in congratulating them and welcoming them to the vExpert vSAN program. We couldn’t be more excited to partner and work with both the Storage BU and the vExpert program!

The Official 2018 vExpert vSAN list can be found below.

Thank you!

The vExpert Team & VMware Storage Business Unit

First Last
Ebrahim Aldesouky
Mohamad Alhussein
Aram Avetisyan
Dan Barr
Brian Beeler
Firoze Bhorat
Justin Bias
Niclas Borgström
Kim Bottu
Aaron Buley
Erik Bussink
Matt Callaway
Victor Camacho
Jack Cherkas Cherkas
Federico Cinalli
James Cruickhank
Fabrizio de Luca
Chanaka Ekanayake
Pablo G. Arango
Florian Grehl
Niels Hagoort
Jens Hennig
Martin Hosken
Marc Huppert
Ezzeldin Hussein
Sungho Hwang
Naoyuki Inaba
Mariusz Kaczorek
Steve Kaplan
Mostafa Khalil
Jens Klasen
Brian Knutsson
Nick Korte
AJ Kuftic
Anjani Kumar
William Lam
Leandro Ariel Leonhardt
Christopher Lewis
Scott Lowe
Matt Mancini
Johan Marais
Frederic Martin
Andrea Mauro
Sam McGeown
Paul McSharry
Christian Mohn
Ken Nalbone
Ivan Nekrasov
Michael Noone
Kevin O’Brien
Masayuki Otsuka
Changju Park
Luciano Patrao
Michael PERES
Anthony Poh
Chris Porter
Erwan Quélin
Mohammed Raffic
Tony Reeves
Steven Rodenburg
Steffan Røstvig
Yamato Sakai
raphael schitz
Eric Sloof
Anthony Spiteri
Herco van Brug
Go Watanabe
Michael Wilmsen
Chi Kin Wu
Paul Wynne
Josef Zach

10 thoughts on “vExpert vSAN 2018 Announcement

  1. Victor Wu

    Congrats to all members.

  2. Federico Cinalli

    Thank you VMware and the vSAN team for the vExpert vSAN 2018 award.
    I’m so proud to be part of it.
    Congratulations to all fellow vExpert vSAN 2018 members.

  3. Manuel Nhiuana


  4. Omar Salinas

    I belive its amazine to get vmware award

  5. Byounghee Kim

    bit said I am not in. but congrats to everyone!

  6. Leo

    Thank you very much VMware, I’m very happy for this. Congrats to all vExpert vSAN 2018!!

  7. Pablo G. Arango

    Proud to be #vExpert #VSAN 2018!!
    Thanks to VMware !!!! #vExpert #vSAN #VMware #SDDC
    Congrats to the rest of the #vExpert #VSAN 2018 members!!!

  8. Liam Farrell

    Well done Pablo G-Arango! Excellent achievement and also for dealing with real-world customer issues.

  9. Rolando Kohl

    Congrats to all

  10. Djalma de Barros Godois Junior

    Congrats to all members.

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