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Congratulations to the Inaugural Winner of the VMTN Community Warrior Badge

As nominations rolled into my inbox these past 2 weeks, I knew I was going to have a difficult time determining who to select as the first winner of the VMTN Community Warrior Badge. The nominations I’ve received have been inspiring, as they captured two elements that drive our community perfectly: giving back and gratitude. In the end, it was simple because I could not fight the flood of emails I was receiving around one particular user: @LucD

I’m excited to announce that @LucD is the first winner of the VMTN Community Warrior Badge.


Thank you to everyone who submitted. This is an example of one of many glowing nominations I received for @LucD:

@BenLiebowitz: LucD – Luc is constantly replying to posts in the PowerCLI Community.  If you post a question, he has a reply for you within 30-60 minutes, EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!  Everytime I go into that community to try and answer some posts, I’m too late, and Luc has answered them all.  I’ve subscribed to the forum and see throughout the day that he’s replied and answered questions.   – Luc is also a vExpert and active in the VMware {code} arena as well.

I had the opportunity to get to know this Community Warrior a little better. Check it out:

K: How did you first get involved with VMware Communities and what inspires you to stay involved?

L: Like most users I guess. I subscribed to the VMTN communities when our company started using VMware products. For me that was way back in 2005, when we started to officially virtualize our server environment. At that time I was what could be considered a “lurker”. Reading and learning from the entries in the VMTN communities.

When I was accepted to the PowerCLI beta, late 2007, I started to contribute, primarily to the PowerCLI VMTN community. Mostly questions at that time 🙂

When PowerCLI went public in 2008, the PowerCLI community became a very active place. Since I had the good fortune to have been involved with PowerCLI from early on, I felt it only normal to give back to the community, by replying to threads from new users.

My motivation to stay active in the VMTN community is of course my love for automation and the appreciation for this wonderful, free product VMware invests in.

K: Which communities do you spend the most time on and why?

L: The PowerCLI community, including all its sub communities, and the Onyx community. Because of my love for all things automation, these communities could be considered as my natural habitat J

To a somewhat lesser degree in the ThinApp and Workstation communities. Primarily because I’m a user of both of these products, not only at work, but also in my Home lab. And my job, but also my moderator tasks, take me to several other communities. These include SDDC Management, End User Computing and Best Practices, and all their child communities

K: What do you consider the most underrated function offered within communities? (private messaging, option to follow, RSS feeds, etc…?)

L: The Search function. Perhaps not the most obvious functionality, but it is the ideal way to explore the wealth of information that is available in the huge VMTN repository. I often see questions from users, which could have been answered in a couple of minutes with a decent search. I find the “Restrict results by Place” and the “Sort By” fields very useful. I would love a way to save and share searches.

K: Tell us one or two fun facts that we would not know about you from your community involvement.

L: The way I got onto Twitter was quite funny. In 2008 I won, to my surprise, the VI Toolkit Scripting contest. The price consisted of an all-expenses paid trip to VMworld in Las Vegas. While I was there, I was talking with Pablo Roesch, while having a beer (I’m Belgian after all J). He suggested that I should start sharing some of my PowerCLI community answers/scripts with a bigger audience, and that a blog would be the ideal way to do that. Thanks to the IOT, yes, they had Internet access in casinos way back in 2008, I immediately tried to create a Twitter account to get things going. Unfortunately, the obvious handle LucD was already taken. We added the suffix 22, which is the day of my birthday, not my age. I’m pretty sure, I have one of the few Twitter handles that was created in a bar, in a casino, in Las Vegas.

And now you all know why the 22 is in the handle.

Thanks @LucD and congratulations!

Follow @LucD on VMTN, Twitter (@LucD22), and check out his blog http://lucd.info. He is also very active on Slack as @lucd in the VMware {code} and vExpert teams.

With that, I open nominations. Who will be the next VMTN Community Warrior Badge winner?

Message @KTbradley on VMTN or email katieb@vmware.com to submit a community member. Nominations do carry over from previous weeks if your original nominee was not selected. For more program details, go here.

VMTN Community Warrior Program Launch

Starting TODAY, VMTN is making it a mission to pay homage to customers who are committed to making the community the well-oiled support and conversation machine that it is. These users will be awarded as Community Warriors. These unsung heroes devote their time and expertise to providing support to other community members, they are high point earners due to their answers being marked as correct or helpful frequently, and often share their contributions over social media.

Community Warriors will be selected through a nomination process (nominate someone!) bi-weekly. The following is the timeline the contest will routinely bi-weekly, starting today:

  • Monday Feb 13th: An announcement is made to internal VMware stakeholders and an alert is made on VMTN that nominations are open, as well as on social media
  • Friday Feb 17th: Nominations are closed
  • Monday 20th: Community Warrior is selected
  • Tuesday 21st: Community Warrior is contacted
  • Monday 27th: Announcement is made and awards are given through the VMTN blog and social media

You cannot self-nominate. To nominate a user:

  • Private message @KTbradley (community manager) on VMTN
  • Include the following information on your nominee:
    • VMTN handle
    • 2-3 examples from VMTN that show your nominees’ contributions
    • Any other community activity (VMUG, CloudCred, vExpert, {code}, blogs, social) that you feel capture their commitment to community
    • When nominating a user, please specify whether or not you’d like the nomination to be anonymous
  • Nominees with a history on VMTN will not be favored – this is a bi-weekly prize and judgements will be made around recent activity.
  • Moderators and VMware Employees can be nominated and elected.

Community Warriors will be awarded with the following:

  • A surprise VMTN gift will be shipped to their home
  • A blog post will be published on the VMTN blog around their community contributions and promoted over VMTN and VMware social channels
  • A Community Warrior badge will be added to their profile permanently
  • The Community Warrior is awarded the opportunity to make the first and most favorable nomination for the next election

Reflect on your recent interactions on VMTN. Think back to a time when you needed support and a community member was there to provide it. Remember relationships that began on this platform.

Then, head to VMTN to send your nominations to @KTbradley.

For updates on elections, follow these channels:
Twitter: @VMTNcommunity ; @vKTBcommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VMTNcommunity/

vExpert 2017 Award Announcement


First we would like to say thank you to everyone who applied for the 2017 vExpert program. I’m pleased to announce the list 2017 vExperts. Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, CloudCred task writing, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

I want to personally thank everyone who applied and point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities. If you feel like you were not selected in error, that’s entirely possible.

The judges may have overlooked or misinterpreted what you wrote in your application. Email us at vexpert at vmware.com and we can discuss your situation as well as provide feedback and guidance on what you can do to receive the award. We looked at all of the 2016 activities to determine the voting results. We will open the second half 2017 applications around May / June which will only allow for two voting periods this year.

If you were selected as a vExpert 2017, we will be conducting the on-boarding throughout the next few weeks so hold tight and expect future communication from us soon. To be listed in the vExpert Directory, you must have a VMTN Community account. We will provide instructions on how to create your own directory listing as well as how to gain access to the private forum in the next communication. We will send the welcome email to the email address provided in your vExpert application. Congratulations to all the vExperts, new and returning and we’re looking forward to working with you.

Command + F away and find your name if you can’t wait for the welcome email. The 2017 vExpert welcome email will go out soon along with access to the vExpert private community.

Thank You,

Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team

First Name Last Name Twitter Username
Abdullah Abdullah do0dzZZ
Dee Abson deeabson
Donny Achmadi donnyachmadi
Ian Sanderson
Paul Gifford
David Jonsson
David Jourden
David Holder
David Culotta
Mark Achtemichuk vmMarkA
Saifuddin adil virtualsaif
Kyle Aebischer kyleaebischer
Rotem Agmon RotemAgmon
Nisar Ahmad myvirtualjourny
Frank Fan frankfan7
Shahnawaz Ahmed
shabbir ahmed secrate4u
Bilal Ahmed Dark_KnightUK
Umesh Ahuja
Pietro Aiolfi aiolfip
Yoga Bayu Aji Pranawa YBPranawa
Hakan Akkurt hakkurt46
Waleed Akl AklWaleed
Stephen Akuffo
Mohammad Dosoukey Al-Ashqar vshadow_man
Muhammad Alan Nur alanyukeroo
eiad alaqqad Virtualizationt
Cesar Alcacibar calcacibar
Urs Stephan Alder
Ebrahim Aldesouky EbrahimAldesouk
Boris ALEXIS balexis971
Jason Fenech jason_fenech
Pedro Luis Alfonso plalfonso
Abid Ali abidali_84
Jurgen Allewijn mindmeltnl
Matthew Allford mattallford
Will Allred wallred
Miguel Angel Alonso miguelaalonso
khalid alshafee vdify
Gajendra Ambi MrAmbiG1
Antonio Amoroso AAmoroso77
Theis Andersen Samsig samsig_dk
Magnus Andersson magander3
Nick Andreev nick_andreev_au
Joshua Andrews sostech_wp
Ariel Antigua aantigua
Magnus Edh vTerahertz
Tim Antonowicz timantz
Nuno Antunes da Silva
Christopher Apostolof vanayr
Andres Felipe Araque Duran covirtualizada
Gonzalo Araujo GonzaloAraujoC
Yannick Arens yannickarens
Tim Arenz timarenz
Adil Arif adilarif001
Michael Armstrong virtsouthwest
Michael Armstrong m80arm
Kalen Arndt KalenArndt
Richard Arnold 3ParDude dataON247
Puneet Arora v_puneetarora
John Arrasjid vcdx001
Henk Arts VMHenk
Helmi Bawadzir
Cliff Cahill
Xana Cloete
Junian Dani
Salah Eddine GASSIM
Shawn Godinez
Mario Gomez
Anuj Gupta
Ahmad Hasan
Kyouhei Hayama
Oscar Herrera
Christoph Hochsticher
Jason Hopkins
Deepak K
Videesh Babu Karreddula
Gavin Lees
Juan Vicente Lopez
Howard Mukanda
Ayan Kumar Nath
Hector Gabriel Nunes
Ionut Radu
Dan Raymond
Telmo Rodrigues
Nishu Saxena
Sheng Sheen
Tolga ASIK
Erkal Aslankara erkalaslankara
Stephane Asselin VirtualStef
Steve Athanas steveathanas
Brian Atkinson vmroyale
Josh Atwell TheJoshAtwell
Joshua Atwell josh_atwell
Myint Htay Aung
Anibal Avelar fixxxer
Aram Avetisyan how2vm
Sreejesh Damodaran Avikal Veetil sreejeshd
Oshri Avitan
xavier avrillier
Mehmet AYDIN diaboliksword
Luis Ayuso layuso
Burke Azbill TechnicalValues
Damián Bacalov bdamian
Donald Bacha donald_bacha
Martijn Baecke baecke
Doug Baer dobaer
Kees Baggerman kbaggerman
Jaison Bailley penlem166
Stephen Baker stephenbaker0
Ahmad Bakr
Sudhir Balasubramanian vracdba
mauro balbiani
Iain Balmer balmeri
Erin Banks banksek
Prabhu Barathi prabhu_b
Dan Barber dancbarber
Cory Barker CORYBARK3R
Graham Barker virtualg_uk
David Barker davidbarker223
Mark Barker markerbarker
Dan Barr vDanBarr
Sanjay Basu sbasu777
Bonnie Bauder BonnieBauder
Robert BAuer rotbau
Brandon Bazan bbazan
Eric Beach vm_beach
David Beasley vBeaz
Stephen Beaver sbeaver
Ulises Becerro
Nathan Beck Nateb72
Rob Beekmans Robbeekmans
Ivo Beerens ibeerens
Ather Beg AtherBeg
Daemon Behr daemonbehr
Chris Bell chrisbell76
Roie Ben Haim roie9876
Netanel Ben-Shushan
Jason Benedicic jabenedicic
Patrick Benson SinisterForces
Daniel Berkowitz berkowitzdan
Emmanuel BERNARD _ebernard
Paul Berndt Vpaulcb
Giuliano Bertello GiulianoBerteo
Jason Bertini jlbertini
Gourav Bhardwaj GouravUSA
Saurabh Bhattacharya SaurabhBhatta
Firoze Bhorat Firozeb
Sachin Bhowan sbhowan
Justin Bias vaerex
Ryan Birk ryanbirk
Sascha Bitzer vitualsabi
Peter Bjork thepeb
Jayson Block JaysonBlock
Jason Boche jasonboche
Arie-Jan Bodde ArieJanBodde
Karol Boguniewicz cl0udguide
Kurt Bohman kurtbohman
Alexis Boistay
Merlin Boissonneault merlindb
Brandon Bolen
Lance Boley lanceboley
Scott Bollinger kfalconspb
Aaron Bolthouse Bhouse563
Dean Bolton vlssllc
Mauro Bonder
Francesco Bonetti fbonez
Matthew Boone Machivellimoo
Olivier Bootsma vOrchestrator
Matt Boren mtboren
Niclas Borgström Nicke_Borgstrom
Daniel Boring virtuallyboring
Rene Bos BroodjeKoffie
Mandy Botsko-Wilson virtualMBW
Kim Bottu kim_bottu
Marc Bouchard
Nick Bowie nickbowienz
James Bowling vsential
Jeremy Bowman jeremyjbowman
Matt Bradford VMSpot
Chris Bradshaw aldershotchris
Konrad Brandemuhl
Paul Braren paulbraren
Dennis Bray DennisBray
John Brescia JohnBrescia
André Briand de Crèvecoeur
Steven Bridle
Matthew Broberg mbbroberg
Timm Brochhaus timmbrochhaus
Marco Broeken mbroeken
Mark Brookfield virtualhobbit
James Brown
Vincent Brown Vin_Zen
Luke Brown Luke_Br
Curtis Brown curtisbrown01
James Brown jbcompvm
Mike Brown vMikeBrown
Thomas Brown thombrown
Stephen Bruck vColossus; vNewsUK
Bjoern Brundert bbrundert
Marcel Brunner CloudJ0ckey
Alessandro Bruno
Thomas Bryant kix1979
Sandy Bryce sandybryce
Andrew Brydon sidbrydon
Petr Buchmaier
Ray Budavari rbudavari
Ronald Buder Str0hhut
Jorge Buitrago jorge_buitrago
Aaron Buley aaronbuley
Donn Bullock donnbullock
Matthew BUnce virtualisedgeek
Cody Bunch cody_bunch
James Burd TheBurdweiser
Michael Burkhart vmikeb
Alan Burns alburns73
Stuart Burns redhat_addict
Erik Bussink ErikBussink
Nathan Byrne vm_nathbyrne
Rick Byrne rickrbyrne
Xavier Caballé Noguera screenshotsit
Michael Cade MichaelCade1
Pedro Calixto BlogPCalixto
Matt Callaway _vCallaway
Christophe Calvet ccalvetTCC
Ersin CAN eerrsincan
Mathieu Cancelli
Shawn Cannon rolltidega
Nick Carbone vCarbs_
Rafael Carneiro
Andre Carpenter andrecarpenter
Tim Carr timmycarr
Dale Carter vDelboy
Ryan Cartwright ryandcartwright
Hersey Cartwright herseyc
Edgar Carvalho
Valdecir Carvalho homelaber
Andrea Casini andrea_casini
João Castro jcjr22
Darryl Cauldwell potato_heads
Rajendran Cedric cedricrajendran
Sahan Celikag
Patricio Cerda patote83
Samuele Cerutti samuelecerutti
Kenneth Chan Midusfx
Peter Chang virtualbacon
Gabriel Chapman Bacon_is_king
James Charter DavesRant
Ivan Chee erase1001
Denny Cherry Mrdenny
Danilo Chiavari danilochiavari
Fabio Chiodini FabioChiodini
Michael Chouinard chewievt
Anthony Chow vCloudernBeer
Irshad Ali Chowdhary irshadtechie
Brad Christian vhipster
Christopher Chua ikiris
Federico Cinalli FCinalliP
Chris Clancy VMW_Clancy
Konrad Clapa clapa_konrad
Joe Clarke elgwhoppo
Troy Clavell troyclavell
Ben Clayton grob4ever
Ashley Clements Ashleywclements
Gary Coburn Coburngary
Ruben Cocheno rubencocheno
Chuck Cocker chuckrox_canada
Josh Coen joshcoen
Kursad Cokyaman kcokyaman
Kendrick Coleman kendrickcoleman
Jason Coleman
Mike Colson mike_colson
Nicholas Colyer vnickc
Luis Concistre luisconcistre
Mark Coney Gatorvi
Jason Conine jason_conine
Wayne Conrad wjconrad
David Convery dconvery
Ricardo Conzatti ricardoconzatti
Alastair Cooke DemitasseNZ
Barry Coombs virtualisedreal
Alex Cooper e2evc
Jonathan Copeland VirtSecurity
Michael Corey michael_Corey
Raul Coria RawlCoria
Alex Correa vAlexCorrea
Taner Cort tanercort
Carlo Costanzo CCOSTAN
Cedric Courteix ccourteix
Jirah Cox vJirah
Paul Cradduck pcradduck
Simon Cranney esxsi
Matt Crape MattThatITGuy
Marc Crawford uber_tech_geek
Rick Crisci vrick31
Tom Cronin Virtual_Tom
James Cruce jamescruce
Pablo Cruces virtualshocks
James Cruickshank vcrooky
Tim Curless timcurless
Dan Curr anothergeek
Ed Czerwin eczerwin
Valentin Czuczumanov czuczumanov
Lieven D’hoore ldhoore
Luciney Eder da Silva
Sander Daems sanderdaems
Benjamin Daggett BenDaggett3
nemtallah daher NemtallahDaher
Andrea Dainese adainese
Guillaume DAMIEN guillaumedamien
Kellan Damm kellandamm
Luigi Danakos NerdBlurt
tony Dancona IT_Dancona
Andy Daniel vnephologist
Chris Danielewski cann0n_f0dder
Joey Dantoni jdanton
Kelly Dare vKdare
Andrew Dauncey daunce_
Paul Davey PAULDAVEY_79
Simon Davies EV_Simon
Kyle Davies kdavies1988
Michael Davis
Ron Davis
David Davis DavidMDavis
Scott Davis shd_9
Tim Davis ALDTD
Dave Davis VirtualizeStuff
John Davis johnnyadavis
Marc Vincent Davoli MarcusDavolius
Cody De Arkland codydearkland
Eelco de Boer de_eelco
Marc De Grasse marcpcd
Josh De Jong EuroBrew
Ronald de Jong Ronald_DJ_PQR
Jorge de la Cruz Mingo jorgedlcruz
Fabrizio de Luca fdlsistemi
Rob de Veij rvtools
Chris Dearden chrisdearden
SAJAL DEBNATH sajal_debnath
Christophe Decanini vCOTeam
Romain Decker woueb
Lawrence Dee
Tayfun Deger tayfundeger
Luc Dekens LucD22
Kim Delgado KCDAutomate
Luca Dell’Oca dellock6
Philippe Dellaert pdellaert
Frank Denneman frankdenneman
Mike Dent mikedent13
Joe DePasquale depasqualejoe
Dennis Derks dennis2vsteaks
Abhijeet Deshmukh Virtual_maestro
Jagadeesh Devaraj rdjagadeesh
Shawn Devenney SMDevenney
Simone Di Mambro sidimam
Zach Dickinson
Daniel Dietrich DDietrich86
Jason Dion virtualdion
Animesh Dixit animesh41
William do Carmo Silva /williamdocarmo
Francis Dogbey donbashk
Neal Dolson ndolson816
Jeramiah Dooley jdooley_clt
Tony Doval tonydoval
Rich Dowling virtRich
Thomas Drilling TDrilling
Scott Driver VTsnowboarder42
Sunny Dua sunny_dua
Edward Duguid duguided
Aaron Dumbrow adumbrow
Alec Dunn LegoYoda
Steven Dunne stevied_82
Donovan Durand donovanjd
Marek Duris duris0
Simon Eady simoneady
Robert Edwards bobbygedwards
Gareth Edwards GarethEdwards86
Corey Ehrenwerth ehrenwerth
Matthias Eisner matthiaseisner
Chanaka Ekanayake s_chan_ek
Oivind Ekeberg oekeberg
Fouad EL AKKAD vroomblog
Ricky El-Qasem rickyelqasem
Mohamed Elamin networkabby
Khaled Eldesouky vmmanco
Mark Elliott eggme1
Scott Elliott fulcrum72
Mike Ellis v2Mike
Shady Ali ElMalatawey ShadyMalatawey
Anne Jan Elsinga elsinga / vmguru
Robert Elwertowski BElwertowski
Dean Emerson the1stemerson
Niels Engelen nielsengelen
Ercan Ergen ergenerc
Alexander Ervik Johnsen ervik
Frank Escaros-Buechsel fbuechsel
Fernando Escobar fernesco
raymundo escobar elnemesisdivina
Vladimir Eskin eskinv
Marc Esmiley MarcEsmiley
David Espejo davidmirror
Mohamed Amine ESSFALI ma_essfali
Christopher Evans chrismevans
Niran Even-Chen niranec
Muhammad Rizki Fahdia mr_fahdia
Muhamad Fahrul aarulfirst
Nicholas Farmer vmnick0
Joe Farri joefarri
Brian Farrugia Brifarrugia
Chris Fendya chrisfendya
Norman Fernandez normanfs
Bruno Fernandez brunofernandz89
Argenis Fernandez DBArgenis
Massimo Ferrari virtinfo
Sergio Figueiredo sfigueiredo2
Kirill Filin kirhy
Erik Filippini
Zach Filstrup
Peter Fine ExitTheFastLane
Andrew Firth Firthyz
Rebecca Fitzhugh rebeccafitzhugh
Shannon Fitzpatrick shanfitz
Steve Flanders smflanders
Ron Flax ronflax
Michael Fleisher michaelfleisher
Pete Fluty Petefluty
Mads Fog Albrechtslund Hazenet
Tomas Fojta fojta
Mike Foley mikefoley
Victor Fondevilla
Chris Forbis
Matthew Ford mattfordvcp
Victor Forde victorforde
Oliver Forder fordero
Morten Werner Forsbring forsbring
Simon Forster sifors
Tony Foster wonder_nerd
Eric Fourn Efourn
Liselotte Foverskov LFoverskov
Jonathan Frappier jfrappier
Roy Freeman
Paul Fries pfries
Edwin Friesen edwinfriesen
Dan Frith penguinpunk
Nick Fritsch nfritsch
Manlio Frizzi mfrizzi
Yusuke Fujita
Ron Fuller ccie5851
Nick Furnell nickfurnell
THIRUKUMARAN G gthirukumaran
Rod Gabriel ThatFridgeGuy
Mark Gabryjelski MarkGabbs
Sumanth Gadige SumanthGadige
Steve Galbincea vZeroG
Alex Galbraith alexgalbraith
Lorenzo Galelli Virtually_LG
Simon Gallagher vinf_net
Javier Galvez JavierTroubleV
Javier Galvez Campanelli theGuate
Raul Gamez Gamez aodbc
Alexander Ganser alexganser
Ricardo Garcia rigamarti
Dave Garnar davotronic5000
Ryan Garner RyanG_TheRG0
Marc GAUB mgaub
Earl Gay earlg3
Abhilash GB abhilashgb
Chris Gebhardt chrisgeb
Xavier Genestós SYSADMIT
Brian Gerrard vBeeGee
Mohammed Saqib Ghani svsaq
Arash Ghazanfari arashg_
Gomaa Ghoneem GomaaCloud0ps
susham ghose sushamghose
Justin Giardina jgiardina
Jarian Gibson jariangibson.com
Sammie Ginger sammieginger
Rob Girard robgirard
Juan Giusti juanbgiusti
Tim Gleed timgleed
Arif Goelammohamed agoelammohamed
Nathan Goh agentnath
Camoí Gomes de Aguiar
Jose Luis Gomez pipoe2h
Markus Gommel mgommel
Larry Gonzalez virtualizer
Johan Gonzalez
Jose Maria Gonzalez jose_m_gonzalez
Jesus “Tony” Gonzalez SouthFLVMUG
Harold Goodwin vHaroldGoodwin
Sergey Gorlinsky SGorlinsky
Kevin Gorman Kev_McCloud
Olivier Gosselin
Sivaprasad Govindankutty kgsivan
Daniel Graf
Brian Graf vBrianGraf
Ted Grandpre tedgrandpre
Brandon Graves brandongraves08
Luke Gray VirtualLukeG
Eric Gray eric_gray
Myles Gray mylesagray
James Green jdgreen
Jeff Green
Jason Greenback virtualGBK
Chris Greene orchestrationio
Thom Greene tbgree00
Florian Grehl virten
Paul Grevink PaulGrevink
Joseph Griffiths Gortees
Jason Grierson
Ed Grigson egrigson
Jonas Groth Jakobsen sysblogdk
Christopher Grubbe cgrubbe
Jeremy Gruenke grinks311
Sebastian Grugel sebastiangrugel
ERICK GUBI callmegubi
Susan Gudenkauf SusanGude
Giuseppe Guglielmetti gguglie
Craig Gumbley _chelnak
Curtis Gunderson Cagunlabs
Kenneth Günther
Rahul Gupta vragup
Anil Gupta meAJ9
Christopher Gurley cmgurley
Bill Gurling vDingus
Martin Gustafsson
Nathan Gusti Ryan https://twitter.com/nathan_gt_ryan
Forbes Guthrie forbesguthrie
Trond Eirik Haavarstein xenappblog
Stephen Hackers StephenHackers
Yusuf Hadiwinata yhadiwinata
Patrick Haefner
Takahiro Hagiwara shadowhat
Guido Hagemann GuidoHagemann
Niels Hagoort NHagoort
Brandon Hahn brandonhahn
Andrew Hald vmxl
Edward Haletky Texiwill
Paul Hall Macjunkie
Chris Halstead chrisdhalstead
Valentin Hamburger vhamburger
Simon Hamilton-Wilkes sjhwilkes
Russell Hamker butch7903
David Hanacek SD_Cloudy
Andrew Hancock einsteinagogo
Raymond Handels raymondhandels
Ulli Hankeln sanbarrow
Kenneth Hansen virtualizedk
Fred Hantelmann
Olafur Helgi Haraldsson olafurh
Christophe HARIVEL harivchr
Chris Harney csharney
Jon Harris JonOnDaCloud
Ryan Harris vRyanH
Justin Hart jghartin
Michael Hart Ssit502
Rasmus Haslund haslund
Chestin Hay letsv4real
Abhilash HB abhilashhb
Matthew Healy matt232h
Ray Heffer rayheffer
Nariaki Heguri
Stefano Heisig
Pascal Heldoorn Pheldoorn
Matt Heldstab mattheldstab
Arjan Hendriks arjanhs
Jens Hennig hennig_jens
Dave Henry davemhenry
Paul Henry phenrycissp
Adam Hensley athensley
Joachim Heppner joachimheppner
Andras Herceg https://twitter.com/Konflikt_
Krzysztof Hermanowski HermanowskiK
Brian Hestehave BrianHestehave
Stephen Heuer steve_heuer
David Hewett davidahewett
Nigel Hickey vCenterNerd
Minako Higuchi mihiguch
Jon Hildebrand snoopj123
Chris Hildebrandt childebrandt42
Jamie Hildred lifeonthecloud1
David Hill davidhill_co
Tsuyoshi Hirayama t3hirayama
Darren Hirons dazhirons
Allan Hirt SQLHA
Larus Hjartarson lhjartarson
Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof vdennishd
Manfred Hofer Fred_vBrain
Gareth Hogarth vigareth
Tom Hollingsworth NetworkingNerd
Iwan Hoogendoorn i1wan
Anthony Hook anthonyrhook
Ken Horn kdmhorn
Jason Horn VirtuallyGone
Chris Horning Bobhomer
Jan Hosek _zanek33
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Martin Hosken hoskenm
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Sourabh Shrivastav cloud_soshriva
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Justin Sider jpsider
Manny Sidhu MannySidhu2
Maria Sidorova RISClubSPb
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Anthony Spiteri anthonyspiteri
Joel Sprague jwsconsult
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Robert Szymczak rszzy
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Kazumi Takata Kazumi_Takata
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Mammo Tesfaye mtesfaye
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Ranjit singh thakurratan rjapproves
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Andrey Vakhitov https://twitter.com/AVakhitov
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Rene van den Bedem vcdx133
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Viktor van den Berg viktoriousss
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