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vExpert 2016 Second Half Announcement


Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert. I’m pleased to announce the list of 2016 Second Half vExperts. Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

I want to personally thank everyone who applied and point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities. If you feel like you were not selected in error, that’s entirely possible.

The judges may have overlooked or misinterpreted what you wrote in your application. Email us at vexpert@vmware.com and we can discuss your situation. We looked at all of the 2015 and some of 2016 activities to determine the voting results.

If you were selected as a vExpert 2016 Second Half, we will be conducting the on-boarding after VMworld so expect the vExpert Welcome Email in early September. In the welcome email we will explain the entire program and what you need to do to be enrolled in our private vExpert community as well as listed in the vExpert directory. We will use the email address provided in your vExpert application. Congratulations to all the vExperts, new and returning.

We’re looking forward to working with you. Command + F away and find your name if you can’t wait for the welcome email.

Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team

First Last Twitter
Harsha Hosur @harsha_hosur
Saifuddin Adil @virtualsaif
Waleed Akl @AklWaleed
Eric Allione @vNetworking
antonio amoroso @AAmoroso77
Nick Andreev @nick_andreev_au
Yannick Arens @yannickarens
Puneet Arora @yaitspuneet
Xavier Avrillier
Rob Barker @purepowershell
Brandon Bazan @bbazan
Brian Beeler @bmbeeler
Giuliano Bertello @GiulianoBerteo
Saurabh Bhattacharya @saurabhbhatta
Olivier Bootsma @vOrchestrator
Chris Bradshaw @aldershotchris
Alan Burns @alburns73
Erik Bussink @ErikBussink
Pedro Calixto @_pedrocalixto
Irshad Ali Chowdhary @irshadtechie
Fletcher Cocquyt @cocquyt
Dale Coghlan @dalecoghlan
Wayne Conrad @wjconrad
Matthew Kozloski @vMattK
Ryan Costello @ryanmcostello
Dan Curr @anothergeek
Chris Danielewski @cann0n_f0dder
Kyle Davies @kdavies1988
Marc Vincent Davoli @MarcusDavolius
Ronald de Jong @Ronald_DJ_PQR
Sajal Debnath @sajal_debnath
Mike Dent @mikedent13
Abhijeet Deshmukh @Virtual_Maestro
Shawn Devenney @SMDevenney
Zach Dickinson
Lee Dilworth @leedilworth
Neal Dolson @ndolson816
Ed Duguid @DuguidEd
Alec Dunn @legoyoda
Gareth Edwards @GarethEdwards86
Hamza El Fajjaj
Mohamed ELkassas @mohamedEl2sas
Fernando Escobar @fernesco
Brian Farrugia @brifarrugia
Sergio Figueiredo @sfigueiredo2
Brian Gerrard @vbeegee
Camoí Gomes de Aguiar @camoigomes
Sivaprasad Govindankutty @kgsivan
Thom Greene @tbgree00
Potheri Mohan @itvista
DAMIEN Guillaume @guillaumedamien
Raymond Handels @raymondhandels
Christophe HARIVEL @harivchr
Chestin Hay @letsv4real
Jamie Hildred @lifeonthecloud1
Ezzeldin Hussein @ezzeldinhussein
Timothy Ingalls @taingalls
Saurav Issar @saurav116
Ivaylo Ivanov @ivgivanov
Pranay Jha @imPranayK
Kev Johnson @kev_johnson
Abhinav Joshi @abhinav_josh
Pratheesh K @vmxsupport
Bilel KAMMOUN @vinception2016
Ruurd Keizer @RuurdKeizer
Joey Ketels @jketels
Markus Kraus @vMarkus_K
Wouter Kursten @Magneet_NL
Marc-Andre Labelle @hoplawego
Jan-Willem Lammers @jwlammers
Roman Levchenko @rlevchenko
Aaron Lewis @AaronLewisPDX
Christopher Lewis @thecloudxpert
Rodrigo Lira @eurodrigolira
Matt Lydy @Mlydy
Yury Magalif @YuryMagalif
Munishpal Makhija @munishpal_singh
Tiago Martinez @BlogVMware_BR
Jason Massae @jbmassase
Eduardo Meirelles @dumeirell
Michael Merritt @vMiklm
Wences Michel @wmichel
Pat Moore @Pat_M_Moore
Martijn Moret @MMMoret
Manjunath Murthy @vsphere_cloud
Mohamed Nasser Mohamed @EngMohamedrahma
Kevin OBrien @testlabnut
Will Overstreet
Luciano Patrao @Luciano_PT
Stalin Pena @stalin_pena
Martin perez
Manjunath Reddlapalli @hunterbhai
Kiran Reid @apollokre1d
Carlos Andrés Robles Lascarro
Sjors Robroek @smtrobroek
Zvika Rosenfeld @Rosenfeldzvika
Timothy Sandy @VMTimSandy
Matthew Schneider @md_schneider
Ganesh Sekarbabu @Ganeshsekarbabu
Bhavin Shah @bhavin04890
Anuj Sharma @anujajju
Azarya Shaulov @az_ny
Sourabh Shrivastav @cloud_soshriva
Mordi Shushan @mordi_s
Ched Smokovic @chedsy00
Christian Stankowic @stankowic_devel
Sujith Surendran @sujithsn24
Marnix Tazelaar @marnixtazelaar
Eric TeKrony @erictekrony
Avnish Tripathi
Jurgen Van de Perre @Jurgen_VDP
Hal Venoff @halrvenoff
Deepal Verma @dkv_22
Haridas Vhadade
Jeff Westphal @jwest31
Paul Whitman @paulddotnet
Bayu Prasidha Wibowo @bayupw
Michael Wilmsen @WilmsenIT
Jason Yeo @jasonyzs88
Yasutsugu Yamaguchi @jpn_22
Anton Z @iamantonz
Josef Zach
Igor Zecevic @zecevicigor
Krzysztof Hermanowski @HermanowskiK


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  1. Congratulations to all vExperts !! I am very honored and grateful to have been selected.

    Thanks to Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team.

  2. Congratulations to all vexpert2016
    Very happy to see Saifuddin Adil there. @virtualsaif
    You deserve to be vexpert Brother..

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