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Twitter handle: @nelmedia

Current employer: nGenx Corp.


How did you get into IT?

In 1986, as an office helper, I was given the task of installing Novell Netware 286 on a new server that was connected via Arcnet to IBM XT machines with 256MB of RAM, 10MB hard drives, 5.25 floppy drives, and weighed 30 pounds. That was my trial-by-fire intro to the world of I.T. I never looked back.


How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2013 vExpert?

I started with VMware with GSX when it first came out publicly. My co-worker and I attended a VMware seminar and they gave out the disks for GSX when you left. It was really awesome at the time. Fast-forward to today, after several stints as a VMware and Citrix Admin and Consultant, I am now a Co-Leader of the Wisconsin VMUG and a virtualization evangelist to whoever will listen.


What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Open your mind and always think outside the box. Keep up with what is going on and take the lead when you have the gut feel that something is a good solution. Be passionate, be humble, be a mentor, and be hungry for knowledge.