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What was your favorite VMworld session?

This year will be the 10th yearly VMworld event. (Have you registered for VMworld yet?) In the run up to the event, we’ll be running some features talking about the previous nine years of what I like to think of as the World’s Best (And Most Intense) Technology Conference.

Photo: Peter Tsai/Dell

One of the best parts of VMworld is the deep set of breakout sessions. Deeply knowledgable VMware employees, partners, and customers share their experiences in hundreds of sessions over the week. Some of us go to many sessions; some of us wait until afterwards, but the week is always filled with deep technical conversations during every waking hour. Although the conference is now very large and securely based in San Francisco, even in earlier years the conference team shared with us that it was hard to find locations to hold VMworld US and Europe because, unlike other events, we needed a venue with dozens of large breakout rooms!

So here’s the question – what’s been your favorite session or lab at VMworld over the years? Have any stuck in your head years later? And what makes it stand out in your mind? Was it the speaker, the new idea, or even the funny running commentary from your neighbor? Or was it how you had just the right answer when you got back to work and your boss thought you were a psychic genius? Or were you watching the right video presentation at the right time after the event? You can share stories about waiting in line or not getting the sessions you want, but those tend to be less fun.

Leave your story here in the comments and watch out for our series ont the VMworld Blog recapping the history of VMworld and getting ready for this 10th Annual VMworld 2013 in San Francisco where we will, once again, “Defy Convention.”

5 thoughts on “What was your favorite VMworld session?

  1. daunce

    Best session: Ask the experts. While waiting for the session to start, most of the experts were talking amongst themselves, but Scott Lowe was walking through the crowd asking them how their day had been. Scott Lowe is awesome.

    The deep dive on how vMotion works from 2011 was pretty good! I need to watch that again.

  2. Petri Rantanen

    I was attending last WMWorld Barcelona. The best session was End User Computing Summit , there where all those are working also in the EUC side and talk and share ideas with them (also with the VMWare). I hope i see more EUC session in this year.
    I think all of use who work with EUC products can give more feedback to VMWare if there where more open sessions.

  3. Todd Lewey

    I have been to one VMworld, and looking forward to the second this year. Even with only being there once, so many moments stick out it is hard to pick one. But I will go with the Scott Lowe and Forbes Guthrie session on vSphere design, the content was amazing, the flow of the presentations and discussions was very fluid, and both speakers were very informative. Mostly the take away from this session was the speakers, Scott and Forbes are very energetic and passionate about what they do, seeing techs like this doing what they do, is very infectious and carries over after the entire conference.

  4. Benny Hauk

    Two sessions in 2006 with Mendel Rosenblum. One was one he led, the other was a panel discussion he was on (the panel was incredible a-listers, even the moderator was a tech writer everyone knew). I remembered thinking, “this shouldn’t be crammed into this tiny room, it should be in the keynote room!”

  5. Andrew Mauro

    I remember a session in 2009 at VMworld EU, it was about the virtualization of the mobile OS… was funny and strange… because so futuristic.
    Now we know (from the recent years) that it was the prototype of the Horizon Mobile project.
    Nice to see the product vision so ahed!

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