I’m excited to announce that starting Saturday May 4th we will be upgrading our VMware Community platform from Jive 4 to Jive 5. We will complete the upgrade on Sunday May 5th. Users will be able to use to communities but with limited functionality as the site will be in a read-only state.

VMware Communities – Just Some of the New Features and Customizations in Jive 5:

  • Full Width Layout (We created a dynamic template for better viewing)
  • My Communities Tab (This new tab lists all of the communities you are following for easy access to communities you commonly visit)
  • View Community Discussions Full Screen. Find the option under Username > Preferences > Place Content View Style (This removes the side bar to allow full screen view for discussion and document pages)
  • Community Navigation (Navigating the communities is now easier as we have exposed most of the communities at the top level of VMTN)
  • Mobile Support for iOS and Android devices. (All mobile devices have the option to use the mobile app or use the desktop view. Register your mobile device by going to Username > Preferences > Mobile > Add a device)
  • Enhanced Search (we have included YouTube, VMware KB, Tech Pubs into extended search results)
  • @mentioning all over the community, even in documents, comments, and discussion posts