At Interop in Vegas? VMware has brought out a great team and a full set of breakout sessions,  keynotes, and demos. Want to find out more about Network Virtualization and VMware Hybrid Cloud? You’ve come to right place.

Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, May 7

SDN  Workshop panel sessionLagoon H, 1:55 – 2:30pm
What Is Software Defined Networking and What Impact Will It Have on Your Network? SDN: A Vendor’s Perspective
Hatem Naguib (with participants from Microsoft and Broadcom.)
Moderator: Jim Metzler

In this session, one or more vendors will answer questions about their perspective of SDN. This includes why they think SDN is important, what they see as the primary benefits of SDN, what they see as the technical and organizational impediments to broad adoption and what they see as the short-term future of SDN.

Wednesday, May 8

SDN Keynote panel 9:13-9:46am
Next Generation Networking Architecture
Martin Casado, Chief Architect, Networking, Nicira R&D (with participants from Microsoft and Broadcom)
Moderator: by Eric Hanselman of the 451 Group

How to Build your Cloud of Choice 12:00- 12:45pm, Mandalay Bay J
Mathew Lodge  Vice President, Cloud Services, VMware

Businesses have an ever-growing need to respond to market forces almost immediately. IT organizations implement private clouds, while users procure resources from public cloud vendors. Mathew will help you solve infrastructure bifurcation by bridging the benefits of a Software-defined Datacenter with on-demand access to a secure public cloud to build your hybrid cloud of choice.

Practical Steps from Virtualization to the Software-Defined Data Center 2:30 – 3:30pm
Neela Jacques

There are two trends leading to the next transformation of the datacenter – First, the proliferation of virtualization across datacenter hardware and software is modernizing the datacenter. Second, changing business needs are demanding faster response from IT. These trends are leading to a new approach – the software-defined datacenter – where all IT infrastructure services are virtualized and delivered as a service, and the control of this datacenter is entirely driven by software. But how do you go from virtualization to full achieving a software-defined datacenter? What are the necessary steps organizations need to take to realize this transformation? What does the journey look like? What are the operational challenges and roadblocks, and the major decisions that business will need to make? What are the right investments and when is the right time?

How to Select a Public Cloud Provider 3:45 – 4:45pm, Breakers D
Moderator: David Linthicum, SVP Cloud Technology Partners
Mathew Lodge  Vice President, Cloud Services, VMware

Looking for a public cloud computing provider? You have many questions to consider. First, does the provider offer the services you need to support the solution? Second, what’s the cost of using that provider over time? Third, can you get the right level of security and governance from your provider? Finally, will the provider stay up-and-running, and in business over the long haul.

In this panel, we’ll leverage top experts in the world of cloud computing to provide practical and sound advice around the process of evaluating and selecting a public cloud computing provider. This includes understanding your own requirements, searching out the right public cloud computing provider, and evaluating that provider before making the final selection.

Lessons Learned on the Road from Server Virtualization to Private Cloud 3:45 – 4:45pm
Mike Leeper, Columbia Sportswear (VMware customer) speaking on customer panel

Most IT organizations are already using server virtualization, and most are or will soon start down the road to private/hybrid cloud and the delivery of IT-as-a-Service. Although this journey can seem complicated and overwhelming, it is a path now well-traveled by a growing number of organizations. This session will discuss real world lessons gathered over the past few years to illustrate the journey, pitfalls and success criteria for making the transition from virtualization to the cloud.

Thursday, May 9

Virtualization & Cloud for SMB/SME organizations – How Do They Apply? 10:15 – 11:15am
Mike Adams, Product Marketing, VMware

Virtualization has clear benefits for enterprises along with widespread adoption. But what about small-to-medium businesses? Do those benefits apply? How are the solutions the same/different for SMBs? Are the steps to virtualization and private cloud the same/different? Should SMBs do it themselves or should they look to service providers to take over? How does virtualization relate to private/ public/hybrid cloud and how should SMBs view the journey?

How to Manage Your Cloud of Choice   2:00 – 2:45pm, Mandalay L
Kit Colbert, Chief Architect and Senior Strategist, The Office of the CTO, VMware

Hybrid cloud sprawl is making life challenging for IT admins. Different environments, different functionalities and capabilities, different interfaces. Kit will discuss how the next generation of management tools will abstract over differences in heterogeneous environments to allow for a consistent approach to private, public, and hybrid cloud management.

Great Debate: Managing Mobile Applications and Data 2:30 – 3:30pm
Srinivas Krishnamurti, Sr. Director, Enterprise Mobile Solutions, VMware

Manage the mobile device? Mobile apps? Mobile data? What about mobile expense management and policy specification and management? While mobility is now essential to organizational success, the solutions required are anything but standardized. This session will examine and debate alternative solutions and discuss how to integrate mobility with the remainder of IT management overall. 

What Workspace Choices (Virtual, Cloud, Mobile, BYOD) Do We Really Need? 3:45 – 4:45pm
Scott Davis, CTO, EUC VMware

Workers today want choice – the ability to use their own tablet, smartphone, laptop… to access corporate applications and desktops remotely, search the Web without restriction and download data using any device. A few years ago, this was considered the exception but today, it is essential if companies want to attract the best and brightest in their industry. But how do you support this brave new world, and balance security and control of corporate assets vs. end-user demand choice and a changing workplace culture? Building and managing the right infrastructure for today and tomorrow may seem daunting and fraught with challenges so how do you know if your organization is ready? This session will explore key considerations to ponder when planning your workspace strategy for desktops, applications, cloud and BYOD.

VMware Booth

We’ve got an awesome booth with a full range of demos, short theater presentations and giveaways. Stop by Booth #1551 and say hi. Demo stations include:

  • NSX & Cloud Infrastructure, featuring the
    • vCNS Suite (vCloud Networking & Security, Nicira Network Virtualization Platform)
    • vCloud Suite & SDDC (vSphere, vCloud Director, vCenter Operations Management Suite, vCloud Automation Center)
    • BCDR (vCenter Site Recovery Manager, vSphere Data Protection Advanced)
  • Cloud Management
    • vSphere with Operations Management
    • vCenter Operations Management Suite
    • Cloud Provisioning (vCloud Automation Center, vFabric Application Director, vCenter Orchestrator)
  • Public/Hybrid Cloud
    • vCloud Services
    • vCloud Director & vCloud Connector
  • End User Computing
    • Horizon Suite (Horizon View, Horizon Mirage, Horizon Workspace)
    • vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View
    • Horizon View Mobile Secure Desktop
    • Anywhere Desktop

Theater Schedule

Date / Time Presentation Title
Tuesday, May 7
5:00pm The VMware Cloud Evaluation
5:30pm Cloud Management for the SDDC
6:00pm IT Resiliency with VMware – Better than Physical
6:30pm vSphere with Operations Management – Maximizing the Value of Virtualizaiton
7:00pm VMware Horizon Suite
Wednesday, May 8
11:00am vSphere with Operations Management – Maximizing the Value of Virtualizaiton
11:30am IT Resiliency with VMware – Better than Physical
12:00pm The VMware Cloud Evaluation
1:00pm VMware Horizon Suite
1:30pm Cloud Management for the SDDC
2:00pm vSphere with Operations Management – Maximizing the Value of Virtualizaiton
3:00pm Cloud Management for the SDDC
4:00pm The VMware Cloud Evaluation
5:00pm VMware Horizon Suite
Thursday, May 9
11:00am vSphere with Operations Management – Maximizing the Value of Virtualizaiton
11:30am Cloud Management for the SDDC
12:00pm The VMware Cloud Evaluation
12:30pm IT Resiliency with VMware – Better than Physical
1:00pm VMware Horizon Suite
2:00pm vSphere with Operations Management – Maximizing the Value of Virtualizaiton
3:00pm Cloud Management for the SDDC
3:30pm IT Resiliency with VMware – Better than Physical
4:00pm The VMware Cloud Evaluation
5:00pm VMware Horizon Suite

Community & Social Media Activities

Wednesday, May 8, 10 pm until:Tech Field Day’s Buzzword Bingo Bash! What could be more fun that coming out to apply all the terms you’ve used and abused during the week? Another event organized by the community, this is a crossover event for everybody attending either EMC World or Interop. Come on out and meet your fellow geeks who have been working on the other side of the Strip!

As you can see, it’s going to be a full week! Follow the #Interop hashtag for everything from everybody, @Interop for show news, @VMwareEvents for these VMware-related events, and connect with me at @jtroyer to say hi!