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VMTN community moderator semi-annual elections open

If you’ve been on VMTN forums for six months or longer, you might have noticed that we hold elections to introduce some new blood to the moderator group every six months. Anyone who wants to become a moderator is welcome to “run for office” by sending a private message to me, Corey_R.

In order to qualify, you must agree to follow the VMTN Code of Conduct as well as User Moderator Guidelines. In addition to that, you have to be a registered VMware Communities user for 6 months or longer and achieve a status level of “Expert” or higher (751+ reward points).

Check out the Community FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to find out how the points are earned and what status levels we have.

I am qualified to be a moderator, now what?

Now, you need to send a private message to me, Corey_R, and include a couple paragraphs describing your motivation to become a moderator and why you think you would make a good one if elected.

The elections work quite simply: Every single current moderator has a veto. If a candidate receives no negative votes, or only positive ones, they are confirmed and will be made moderator come January 2nd.

We will collect all candidates’ names until December 31st, and notifications will go out on  January 2nd. This is also the time when the newly-elected moderators will receive their access privileges to the private Moderators forum.