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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 50 – #tmupdate

Welcome to the penultimate TMupdate for 2012! 
vSphere Blog:

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #213 – What’s New in vCloud Director 5.1

Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick
Stuart McHugh, @stu_mchugh

Harry Smith, VMware @harrysiii
Tom Stephens, VMware

Savvis, VMware Partner To Help Customers Deploy Cloud Stacks
Radiant Communications Attains VMware vCloud Powered Validation
FREE VMware vCenter Orchestrator Instructional Videos
#vBrownBag US View SSL Certs with Shane Williford (@coolsport00)
A Brief Introduction the VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)
VMUG Local Meetings

Link to Audio Recording
What’s New in vCloud Director 5.1

VMware vCloud Director

Download VMware vCloud Director 5.1

vCloud Director 5.1.1 Release Notes

[PDF] What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1

Installing vCloud Director 5.1.x best practices

VMware vCloud Connector 2.0 takes hybrid cloud computing to the next level

vCloud Director 5.1 VXLAN Configuration

[PDF] vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide

@PunchingClouds – Blog tag “vCloud Director 5.1”

[PDF] VMware vCloud Director 5.1 Evaluation Guide

vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide

Upgrading From vCloud Director 1.5 to 5.1 – Jason Shiplett Blog

VMware vCloud Director – Community Forum

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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 49 – #tmupdate

A handful of blog postings this week – I imagine things will quiet down a bit as we slide into vacation time.

vSphere Blog:


Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 48 – #tmupdate

A bit late getting this update out – I’ll now return to posting to the VMTN blog, as last week I didn’t have access to VMTN and posted on the vSphere Blog instead (http://bit.ly/RZeLCk).

A whole bunch of new blogs this week by Tech Marketing staff:

vSphere Blog:
VMware PowerCLI Blog:

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #212 – vCloud Automation Center

John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer
Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick

Rich Bourdeau, VMware
Lisa Perri, VMware
Lauren Malhoit

EMC and VMware spin out big data/cloud division
Jaspersoft Joins the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace
Avaya teaming with VMWare on virtualized collaboration
The Pivotal Initiative
VMware Announces General Availability of VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 and VMware vFabric Application Director 5.0
VMware CTO: ‘Things need to change dramatically’ at networking companies
VMUG Local Meetings
iTunes – Stu McHugh’s Virtualisation Blog » vNews Podcast
New Podcast – iTunes – vCatchup Podcast by Craig Waters
New Podcast – Lauren Malhoit’s AdaptingIT with first guest – Susan Gudenkauf VCP #1 
VMware Open Innovation Contest 2012 – Winner announced

Link to Audio Recording
vCloud Automation Center

VMware vCloud Automation Center – Overview

[PDF] VMware vCloud Automation Center – Datasheet

Installing the vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager server

VMware Updates vCloud Suite, Announces VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1

DynamicOps is now VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1

vCAC – vCloud Automation Center UI customization

Updates to vCloud Suite Cloud Management Capabilities Announced at VMworld Barcelona

VMware Solution Exchange – vCenter Orchestrator Plug-ins

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VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #211 – Cost/App Calculator, vSphere Data Protection

John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer
Mike Gordon Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick

Chanda Dani, VMware
Jeff Hunter, VMware @jhuntervmware

VMUG Local Meetings
Mike Laverick Member of VMware vTash – Movember
Synology Plus Series Network Attached Storage Attains VMware vSphere 5 VAAI Certification
A.P. Mahesh Bank Deploys VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite
VMware Updates Promos, Tools for Channel Partners
VMware Adds to Solution Competencies Lineup
VMware’s Cloud Foundry Core Program: ‘Preserving Choice Of Clouds’

Link to Audio Recording
Cost/App Calculator, vSphere Data Protection

VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator

Flawed Logic Behind Microsoft’s Virtualization and Private Cloud Cost Comparisons

7 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Cloud Math Needs Remediation

vSphere Data Protection

VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Evaluation Videos

vSphere Data Protection (VDP) and vSphere Replication (VR) Interoperability

Setting the record straight on VMware vSphere Data Protection

[PDF] VMware vSphere Data Protection

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VMTN community moderator semi-annual elections open

If you’ve been on VMTN forums for six months or longer, you might have noticed that we hold elections to introduce some new blood to the moderator group every six months. Anyone who wants to become a moderator is welcome to “run for office” by sending a private message to me, Corey_R.

In order to qualify, you must agree to follow the VMTN Code of Conduct as well as User Moderator Guidelines. In addition to that, you have to be a registered VMware Communities user for 6 months or longer and achieve a status level of “Expert” or higher (751+ reward points).

Check out the Community FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to find out how the points are earned and what status levels we have.

I am qualified to be a moderator, now what?

Now, you need to send a private message to me, Corey_R, and include a couple paragraphs describing your motivation to become a moderator and why you think you would make a good one if elected.

The elections work quite simply: Every single current moderator has a veto. If a candidate receives no negative votes, or only positive ones, they are confirmed and will be made moderator come January 2nd.

We will collect all candidates’ names until December 31st, and notifications will go out on  January 2nd. This is also the time when the newly-elected moderators will receive their access privileges to the private Moderators forum.

vExpert Spotlight: Sean Duffy

Name: Sean Duffy
Blog URL: http://www.shogan.co.uk
Twitter handle: @shogan85
Current employer: Xtravirt Ltd

How did you get into IT?
I grew up as a child using my parent’s PC with great interest, learning DOS, breaking autoexec.bat and config.sys files, and then subsequently learning how to fix them before they found out! As a teenager I started helping my uncle out at his IT business on occasion – fixing customer computers, reinstalling Operating Systems, and building new machines. I learnt even more about computers from him. Going through my tertiary education after High School, I actually studied for three years and qualified as a Graphic Designer, however after a couple of years in the design industry, I decided to make the switch over to IT, as I had identified that this was really where my passion was. A company who was partnered with my current employer realised my potential and offered me a job with them.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?
During my role at my second IT job (back in South Africa going back to around 2006), we had a variety of application servers – perhaps 10 or so. We decided to try out VMware Server to virtualize some of these servers as a small consolidation project. I was involved in this exercise as I had already had a play around with VMware Server at home and knew how it worked.
Soon after this I moved to the UK with my wife and started a job for a small hosting company. I was mainly involved in the field services team, but got a chance to work with VMware ESX on occasion. One of the guys in the hosting division kindly gave me some training on the side and allowed me to use some older equipment to test with.
This is where I started really taking an interest in VMware’s offerings. I got a small home lab going and learned more about VI3. I then got a job working for a small managed hosting company where I worked for three years before joining Xtravirt Limited as a technical consultant at the start of 2012. I have been running my own personal blog Shogan.tech since late 2008, where I have actively blogged about my experiences with various VMware technologies and other SysAdmin topics. I was very honoured to have been awarded the vExpert 2012 title this year, and am looking forward to continuing to further my experience with the VMware product portfolio.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?
Most of the guys I work with at Xtravirt share a common enthusiasm and passion for the technologies we work with. Hopefully if you are looking into a career in consulting you also share this enthusiasm and drive to learn more.
Start a blog if you don’t already have one. Once you get going, you won’t regret it! Share your experiences around virtualization and cloud computing on social networks (or VMware Communities), and absorb information from others. Get a home lab environment up and running, even if it means nesting ESXi machines as VMs on a laptop – you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve on a modern laptop these days.
Finally, learn from the other experts and technology evangelists out there. Discuss solutions to problems where you can and debate alternate solutions. I find I learn best by doing – so practise what you preach too. Before you know it, a great opportunity may just come knocking on your door