Hello Everyone! I am Patricio Cerda, vExpert 2011 and 2012, and virtualization blogger.

Here I am again to write about the content of the Community Blogs and to provide you with the Top 5 recommended blog posts to read.

So, here is the selection for the last 2 weeks. (In no particular order).

Why CIOs are Choosing the Vblock
In this article, Archie talks about the CIO role, and why they are choosing vBlock to get success in their jobs.  Archie lists 3 basic steps that a CIO must follow to be successful Read the full article here


Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)
What is SLAT? Jawad explains to us what is this processor technology.
Read the full article here

How to connect/interact with VCVA DB (DB2 and vPostgres)
Here Marcelo gives us a step-by-step guide to connect and interact with the vCenter Appliance Database.
Read the full article here


vCenter and the certificate saga
In this post, Bilal talks about why and how to replace the vCenter and ESXi host default certificates
Read the full article here


SplitRX Mode – Taking VMware Multicasting to the Next Level
Here Archie gives us an overview about SplitRX Mode, including a recap of networking basics and how packet forwarding is done on an IP network
Read the full article here

Enjoy the reading!!!