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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 41 – #tmupdate

Quick #tmupdate before I catch my flight to Palo Alto… Some might notice it, some might not. There is a new name listed below, Rawlinson Riverra! Welcome to the team Rawlinson. Make sure to follow his blog and follow him on twitter.

Enjoy, Duncan.

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Duncan Epping

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Duncan is a Chief Technologist working in the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware, serving as a partner and truster adviser to EMEA customers. He is the co-author of several books, including the vSphere Clustering Deepdive series and Essential Virtual SAN. He is the owner and main author of virtualization blog yellow-bricks.com.

One thought on “Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 41 – #tmupdate

  1. ajay

    excellent post………,just bookmarking this page for this post………..,
    especially new vcloud networking made me so impress…

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