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VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #204 – What’s New in vSphere 5.1 ESXi

John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer
Craig Waters, Melbourne VMUG Leader @cswaters1

Kyle Gleed, VMware @VMwareESXi

Link to Audio Recording
What’s New in vSphere 5.1 ESXi 

VMware vSphere Blog

[PDF] What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Platform

vSphere 5.1 – Auto Deploy Stateless Caching and Stateful Installs

Understanding vSphere Auto Deploy Stateless Caching and Stateful Installs

Joining vSphere Hosts to Active Directory

VMware vSphere PowerCLI

[PDF] What’s New in vSphere 5.1

Auto Deploy GUI – VMware Fling 

[PDF] vSphere Host Profiles

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Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 38 – #tmupdate

Just one more week before VMworld Barcelona. I hope you are ready, I know we are. many of the Tech Marketing folks will be there, so make sure to catch our sessions!

Blog posts:


vExpert Spotlight: Jonathan Copeland

Black and White HeadshotName:  Jonathan Copeland
Blog URL: virtsecurity.wordpress.com
Twitter handle: VirtSecurity
Current employer: City of San Antonio
How did you get into IT?

I’ve been in IT since I was very young and was playing with the minicomputer in my dad’s office with its large external drive platters and chain printer for wide green bar paper.  I guess my first x86 exposure was with the 8086/8088 and running CP/M and then DOS 1.2 and moving eventually through that creating BASIC programs and DOS batch scripts for menus and launching applications.  I’ve done a little bit of everything and finally settled down with Virtualization and Security as my primary areas of focus.
How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

  I remember hearing about Virtualization and started playing with it running a program called plex86 and Bochs x86 which were early Virtual x86 hardware emulators.  I eventually got handed a box with VMware workstation and was asked to learn this.  This was approximately early 2006 and this spun into using VMware Server.  In the last 4 years I have gradually added VMware certifications to my repertoire and with the last 2 ½ years I have really reached out to the online community around VMware and Virtualization especially the Twitter folks out there.
What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?
Learn as much networking and storage as possible.  The one aspect that I keep coming too in Virtualization is that while we may be a specialist in Virtualization we MUST be generalists in the datacentre.  I would definitely try to work across as many teams as possible including the network, storage, and desktop teams if you have the ability to do so.  Take classes around ITIL processes and change management and work to deeply understand what the real needs of IT are.  IT is not about the coolest toys IT is about delivering the services to the customer with the least amount of aggravation and pain.

Top 5 Community Blog Posts – Sept 24th 2012

Hello Everyone! I am Patricio Cerda, vExpert 2011 and 2012, and virtualization blogger.

Here I am again to write about the content of the Community Blogs and to provide you with the Top 5 recommended blog posts to read.

So, here is the selection for the last 2 weeks. (In no particular order).

Entendendo as limitações do Esxi 5.1 FREE
In this post, Joao talks about vSphere Hypervisor, the free version of ESXi, and gives us a very good overview about the limitations included in this version.  Remember vSphere Hypervisor is a great solution to testing the advantages of virtualization and, of course, of VMware.
Read the full article here

How to check if NUMA is enabled on ESX hardware?
In this article, Marcelo shows to us how to check if NUMA is enabled on ESX hosts by using ESXTOP.
Read the full article here

Password security – its the length that matters (gigity)
Here Jon makes a point about Password Security and shows why longer passwords could be better than complex passwords.
Read the full article here

Are True Virtual Data Centers Coming?
In this article, Steven talks about Virtual Data Centers and how the new technologies make Virtual Data Centers start to become reality.
Read the full article here

Dr Performance: One Million IOPS
In this post, Mike analyses the most recent performance stress-testing on vSphere, which proves that VMware is able to smash through the barrier of 1 Million IOPS.
Read the full article here

Enjoy the reading!!!

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #203 – What’s New in vSphere 5.1 Storage

John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer
Mike Laverick, VMware @mike_laverick

Cormac Hogan, VMware @VMwareStorage

Link to Audio Recording
What’s New in vSphere 5.1 Storage

Virtualization News
Register NOW – for VMworld 2012 Barcelona – its going to be incredible!
#vBrownBag Call For Speakers – Barcelona
VMworld Barcelona Community Lounge and Tech Talk Theater
Mike Laverick – Chinwag with Craig Waters
Is DevOps relevant to ‘normal’ IT?
John was on the TWiT Network – This Week in Enterprise Tech

Cornac Hogan’s Personal Blog

[PDF] What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Storage

Cornac Hogan’s VMware Blog

vSphere 5.1 Storage Enhancements – Part 1: VMFS-5

vSphere 5.1, increasing this maximum number of hosts that can share a read-only file to 32.

ALERT: vSphere 5.1 is not compatible with any versions of VMware View

[Michael Webster Blog] vSphere 5.1 Generally Available – Important Upgrade Considerations

[VMware KB] vSphere 5.1 is not supported with any versions of VMware View

VOMA – vSphere On-disk Metadata Analyzer – new customer facing metadata consistency checker tool, which is run from the CLI of ESXi 5.1 hosts. It checks both the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and VMFS for issues. It works on both VMFS-3 & VMFS-5 datastores.

[Chad Sakac Blog] Heads up! vSphere 5.1 and PowerPath/VE

NetApp Communities vPodcast

[PDF] What’s New in VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1

vSphere 5.1 Storage Enhancements – Part 9: Storage DRS

Additional Links
Stephen Foskett – Storage Changes in VMware vSphere 5.1

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 37 – #tmupdate

It seems like these lists are getting longer and longer every week and also more challenging to create. I hope people use them and appreciate them, leave a comment (or retweet it / like it on FB) if you do so I get a sense about it.

White paper:

  • VMware vCloud Director 1.5 resource allocation models white paper – Frank Denneman
    Resource design for vCloud Director 1.5 involves examining requirements to determine how best to partition and organize resources. With the commoditization of infrastructure resources, the ability to scale them becomes increasingly important. When designing for vCloud Director, keep in mind that the ultimate consumers of the product are the end users of the system. Taking a top-down approach to vCloud Director design necessitates an understanding of the new abstractions introduced in the vCloud API and how they map to traditional VMware vSphere® objects. This paper was developed to provide additional insight and information as to how vCloud Director allocation models relate to vSphere resource management. The paper reviews and discusses various design considerations and operational procedures.

Blog posts:

Enjoy, Duncan.

vExpert Spotlight: Brent Quick

HeadWithVMwareName:    Brent Quick

Blog URL: brentquick.wordpress.com | vacronym.wordpress.com | triadvmug.com

Twitter handle:  @brent_quick | @vAcronym | @TriadVMUG

Current employer: Todd Herman Associates (www.toddherman.com)

How did you get into IT?    

I was always interested in computers after getting exposed to TRS80's, Commadore, Zenith, and Apple IIe in the early 80's.
In college we had a VAX/VMS mainframe and this was my first experience with "big iron".  I learned a lot of the user commands and discovered a passion for knowing (and helping) what to do when something went wrong.
Later when I went back to college, I started taking some CompSci classes along with my Accounting classes because the subject still had an interest for me.
A few years later I found myself between accounting positions and I interviewed with this accounting firm that did not do audits or income tax returns, but did a lot of application development, system selection, and middleware integration.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

In 2006 my company had too many physical boxes and many were not server class hardware but were converted workstations and manageability/reliability/space constraints were all issues.  At that time VMware GSX & Microsoft Virtual Server were the free type 2 hypervisors and not being a Linux person I went with Virtual Server.  That bought us two years but the OS overhead was too much of a wasted resource so when we did a server refresh in 2008 I got a new server and a Foundation Acceleration Kit.
From there I was drinking the Kool-Aid and in 2010 I went to a regional VMUG (local chapter was not active) and kept pestering the VMUG people for the information on the leaders in my area so that I could find out why meetings were not happening.  A few weeks later I was a co-leader and it is through this "evangelist" path that I was honored as a vExpert for 2012.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

I actually have two different jobs at my company, my consulting work generally does not involve VMware or virtualization since our clients either have it already or we are not working with the infrastructure group so it is not visible.  Internally I have VMware cluster and IBM SAN to manage plus networking, backup, firewall, end-point protection, mobile devices, messaging, collaboration, database systems, application and web servers, plus end user support.  So I would tell someone who wanted my job or one like it to make sure you know a lot about everything but don't be specialized in any one thing since you will not be able to very much time on what you know but will need to know enough to keep it up and running.

vExpert Spotlight: Dan Brinkmann

Headshot_Dan_Brinkmann2Name: Dan Brinkmann

Blog URL: http://www.danbrinkmann.com

Twitter handle: @dbrinkmann

Current employer: Lewan – Denver, Colorado


How did you get into IT?

  After college I was unable to find a job in my field (Business Administration) and was spending a fair amount of my time finding "free" music and software on BB's and newsgroups. One day I saw an ad for a desktop support technician and a few days and one giant lie of an interview later I found myself in completely over my head working as an IT contractor at John Deere in Waterloo Iowa. A few months of cramming later and I passed all of the tests for my Microsoft MCSE. Shortly thereafter I moved to Denver Colorado and have been working in IT in Denver ever since.


How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?

VMware ESX 2.0 was being demo'd at a Microsoft TechEd conference, vMotion looked like magic but after a lengthy conversation with the person in the booth I knew datacenter design would never be the same again. We put VMware ESX 2.5 into our production environment the week after it came out. I've been involved in  virtualization ever since. I've been involved in my local Denver VMUG for a number of years, both as a customer and now as a partner. I was an early Twitter user (number 650,163) and in recent years I've put more effort into blogging and education. In my current role I am nearly 100% focused on educating customers and helping them with their virtualization architecture and design decisions.

What would you tell someone who wanted to get a job like yours to do?

Reading is fundamental.

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 36 – #tmupdate

It was one busy week again, I guess it is pretty clear what all of us have been working on for the last couple of months. We are all happy the product is finally released and we can show you all of that cool stuff that is part of the vCloud Suite 5.1!


VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – Show Notes #202 – Workstation 9 & Fusion 5

John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer
Mike Laverick, VMware @Mike_Laverick

Michael Paiko, VMware
Nicolas Rochard, VMware

Link to Audio Recording
Workstation 9 & Fusion 5

Virtualization News
VMware Announces General Availability of VMware vCloud Suite 5.1
VMware vSphere 5.1 Release Notes

VMUG Partnership Award for John Mark Troyer & Mike Laverick at VMworld 2012 San Francisco – Well Done!

Mike Laverick VMware VMTN Blog
Mike Laverick – The Chinwag (Video Only) iTunes
Scott Lowe – Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2012 Day 1 Summary and Thoughts

VMware Workstation 9 – Now Available World-Wide!

VMware Workstation 9 – Configuring and Using WSX with Video

NotSupported – But Yes! you can run Hyper-V inside VMware Workstation 9 – WOW

The Nested Virtualization Community VMware Forum

How to Run WSX as a Standalone

Announcing VMware Fusion 5 packed with 70+ new features and optimized for OS X Mountain Lion

Key features of VMware Fusion

  • Designed for Mountain Lion
  • Optimized for Windows 8
  • Approved by the Latest Macs
  • Next Generation Performance
  • New Functionalities
  • New Embedded Learning Center

Download a evaluation version of VMware Fusion 5

Download a evaluation version of VMware Workstation 9

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