We need your help. We're looking for a few people to share their stories with us. But we ask for people to share their stories all the time — heck, we even have a customer reference program to help you share your experiences. How is this different?

For one, we don't need a lot from you right now. We're not looking for a long commitment or permission from your management to do a formal case study. We're actually just looking for you to jot down a few words.

  • Why did you choose a VMware solution?
  • Why did you come back to VMware after trying a competitor’s offering?
  • What impact did VMware solutions have on achieving your company’s objectives?

We'll look at all the stories. If you submit something that we'll use, we'll publish it on our newest site, Get the Facts. There's a lot of FUD out there, so we're trying to shine some light and provide some real-world perspective from VMware's 350,000 customers on how they are tranforming their IT and their business using VMware.

You don't have to write a long essay. Just check in with yourself, think about your history using VMware sofware, and write something true. (For those of you on Twitter, I've read a lot of your tweets, and I know you have some funny and tragic stories. If you're in the midst of a traumatic experience, try to take a deep breath and not be too mean about broken software. But if, for example, VMware Storage vMotion just saved you a weekend in the office, now is a good time to jot down your thoughts.)

We'll probably just pick a few sentences that sum up your point the best. If we print it, we'll just print your first name and last initial — I'd be John T. — and we won't mention your company name. You, of course, have to assert that you're telling us a true story.

If we do publish it, we'll send you a small gift as a token of our appreciation. We've got a choice of two exclusive VMware-branded gifts: one's a Powerstick charger — just charge up the battery using a USB port and charge any phone or device with it when you're out and about. The other is a nice backpack for your laptop and gear.

VS-101 VS-102

If that sounds interesting, go on over to the Get The Facts website, scroll down, and click on the "Share your Story" button. Terms & Conditions are all listed over there. We appreciate you sharing your experiences with us and with your peers.

Thanks and Best Regards,
John Troyer