vExpert Spotlight: Vladan Seget

VladanName: Vladan Seget
Twitter handle:@vladan
Website : www.vladan.fr
Current employer: Self

How did you get into IT in   the   first place,get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012   vExpert
I must tell you more about myself first so you’re able to understand where I’m came from and why I’m tweeting in Czech language sometimes. In fact, I was born in Czech Republic and lived there until I was 23. Then I left to work in Switzerland as a professional Ice Skater. Earlier I was a junior Czech champion. But It was long time ago……While working at Holiday On Ice, I met a French girl and since then (97) we live in France. 

So I’m a half Czech and half French. The IT? Yes, It was always my passion. I started with friend of mine with Atari 800, while studying at Czech university. Then, when I first really got hooked it was VMware Workstation and Virtual PC (from Connectix). Since then I was on the way to really become an IT professional, because my passion had to become my job. I took the decision.

So I started my IT career as an IT administrator at small company, where I did everything. Repairing PCs, Installing and maintaining the network etc. Then with our move to Reunion Island (back in 2004)  I joined a local IT Service company, where I started as a field technician and then with the virtualization taking momentum, we started to deploy ESX 3.5 and then vSphere for local customers.
I needed to bookmark stuff, since there has been new tools to play with, new software to know. ESX configuration, backups, monitoring etc. That’s when ESX Virtualization – www.vladan.fr  was born. (2008). Since then I kept posting articles and one day (2009) an E-mail from John Troyer saying that I’m a vExpert … wow. Already I was impressed with so many people reading my website, and now a direct recognition from VMware. This pushed me to work even harder, and prepare my first VCP, back in 2009. Earlier this year I passed the VCP5 and I was awarded vExpert 2012, fourth time in a row.
What would you tell someone who wanted to get   a job like yours to do?
If an IT and virtualization is your passion, then you have it. If you’re IT administrator and not virtualizing yet, then there is something you’re missing… Virtualization is transforming the way we work in the IT industry. In any level.
What must someone know about this Job?
Learning every day scares you? That’s a necessity. You must learn about new hardware, new configurations, and product updates…..
Nothing is acquired in advance and nothing will fall from the sky by itself. You must first prove something. You know something? Write about it. Prove it. Let people know that you know your stuff. If you don’t have a blog, you can write a guest post on some of the other blogger’s blog first, to brush your writing skills too…