Eiad vExpertName:  Eiad AlAqqad
Blog URL:
Twitter handle: @VirtualizationT
Current employer: VMware Canada

How did you get into IT?
I got my first computer at 6, which was a white MSX computer that fit cartridges. At 8 I was so fascinated with computers and started trying to write simple games code in the basic language that came with the MSX computer which would erase itself upon machine power cycle. As I grew up my fascination with this magical machine grew and I decided to get a deeper understanding of how it works, which got me into computer engineering and in turn dropped me into IT.

How did you get into working with VMware and becoming a 2012 vExpert?
I have started my IT Career with IBM partners specializing in System X(IBM x86 Servers) & Storage. As Virtualization was a part of most other platforms in IBM (Main frames, iSeries, pSeries), I felt it was finally the chance to join the Virtualization boat when VMware came with Virtualization that run on System X. It was like bringing equality to the System X team (Wohoo we finally got Virtualization too!) . I have started working on VMware since ESX 2.5 building POCs for customers. When ESX 3.5 came out resources were scarce, so more Virtualization projects start being put on my plate by day. Discovering that resources and knowledge of Virtualization at that time was scarce, I have decided to start my blog & encourage other people to share knowledge on it where I succeeded at first, I end up being the only one moving it forward at later stages. Seeing my blog grow was a great encouragement to keep giving, & the vExpert program was just a great booster.