For the last several years, the community has gotten together at VMworld and thrown themselves a party. The party is Unofficial, because it really isn’t an official part of VMworld itself, but it’s Official, because we, the Communities & Social Media Team of VMware, anoint it as our primary community gathering. And the invites are spread via Twitter, so we call it a  Tweetup. Thus, the “Unofficial Official VMworld Community Tweetup.”

Last night we gathered once again to socialize, reconnect, and decompress after a hard day keeping up with our VMworld schedules. New this year was a FlipCup tournament, which evidently is some new-fangled drinking game that the kids are enjoying. [Note! Alcohol was not mandatory for our version of FlipCup! We wanted people to be able to make it to the Tuesday morning keynote!]

Teams from across the IT spectrum gathered at the Cable Car City Bar, the trash talk flew, and good fun was had by all. Check out the action in our gallery below. Congratulations to the winning team of VMware Interns! All that time at college paid off!

Great thanks to our primary sponsor Actifio (@Actifio) for organizing the tournament, and thanks as well to Tintri (@TintriInc), Train Signal (@TrainSignal), Veeam (@Veeam), and Clearpath Solutions Group (@ClearpathSG) for making it a memorable evening and for your continued support of the community.