Vmwaretv-logoVMware TV has been re-launched on YouTube with a new layout, new features and navigation between all our VMware YouTube channels:

VMware TV  |  VMware KB TV  |  VMware Tech Pubs  |  VMware Careers  |  VMware Partner TV  |  VMworld TV

Each channel contains a "Channel Guide" button to navigate between our YouTube channels and to view a schedule of video content available on each channel.  At the top are links to visit directories of all VMware Social Media Channels.




The Video Theater area contains controls to navigate between videos, to get more info/description on each video, to comment on videos and to share the videos via social media channels and/or embed code.

Vmwaretv-theater1 Vmwaretv-theater2 Vmwaretv-theater3

The Social Media Conversation area offers a place for you to post your comments on the YouTube Channel (not a specific video) and view the latest streams of related postings, filtered by Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Blogs. 


If you need help finding video content, try "Advanced Seach" just above the video theater (large magnify glass icon)

Vmwaretv-search1 Vmwaretv-search2

Browse the new YouTube channels, features and videos from VMware.  Let us know your comments by posting on each channel or by sharing the content by using the social share buttons. To stay current with the latest videos posted by VMware, be sure to Subscribe to VMware TV.

~ The VMware Social Media Team