Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 21

By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 21 

White papers:

As mentioned last week, here it is the first white paper that was in the pipeline. This white paper was written by Lee Dilworth, Ken Werneburg, Frank Denneman, Stuart Hardman and I. It is a white paper on vSphere Metro Storage Cluster solutions and specifically looks at things from a VMware perspective. Enjoy!

  • VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (VMware vMSC) is a new configuration within the VMware Hardware Compatibility List. This type of configuration is commonly referred to as a stretched storage cluster or metro storage cluster. It is implemented in environments where disaster/downtime avoidance is a key requirement. This case study was developed to provide additional insight and information regarding operation of a VMware vMSC infrastructure in conjunction with VMware vSphere. This paper will explain how vSphere handles specific failure scenarios and will discuss various design considerations and operational procedures. http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/10284 

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