By Duncan Epping, Principal Architect.

Technical Marketing Update 2012 – Week 20

Short list this week as many of us were either in an internal training or at an internal R&D event. I promise you there will be more next week,

Blog posts: 

  • Poweron file? (Duncan Epping) 
  • Admission control and vCloud Allocation Pool model (Frank Denneman)
  • KB article about SvMotion / VDS / HA problem republished with script to mitigate! (Duncan Epping) 
  • Resize & Hot-Add/Extend Virtual Machine Disks using vCloud API (William Lam) 
  • Why is my pathing policy limited to "fixed" or "MRU" with things like MSCS cluster? (Duncan Epping) 
  • Retrieving License keys from Multiple vCenters (Alan Renouf)
  • Attaching an unreplicated VMDK after SRM failover using scripts (Ken Werneburg)