Yesterday, we’ve announced the vFabric Suite 5.1, which features automated deployment, new components, and open source support. I’ve always had a soft spot for open source software in my heart, and am glad to see the vFabric team showing it some love.

Back to the new features and components though, because there are a ton of them:

  • Application Director automates the deployment of applications through easy-to-use blueprints with standardized templates, component libraries and workflows
  • Application Performance Manager (APM) provides comprehensive monitoring of end-user transactions, Java code, middleware servers, and vSphere hosts. APM includes two components: vFabric AppInsight, which does transaction- and code-level monitoring and vFabric Hyperic, which monitors middleware servers and vSphere hosts, providing 50,000 metrics for over 75 popular web technologies.
  • vPostgres is relational SQL database that comes in as a virtual appliance and has virtualization optimizations such as elastic database memory and smart configuration to reduce tuning time after resizing virtual machines.
  • vFabric Administration Server (VAS) has a REST Management API for a uniform way to administer groups of vFabric Servers.

And in addition to all the new stuff above, every already existing product in vFabric Suite has been updated. Here are some of the highlights:

While not exactly a new release, our product page has received a radical makeover, and I have to say, I dig it. Now you can browse all the myriad products that we now offer, either by type, or A to Z. This new page also incorporates a product selector tool, an interactive product diagram to help make sense of it all, and a nice animated Virtualization Overview video that is both informative and fun to watch. All the product news are also listed on that page now, that’s where you will find links to the new vFabric products today.

The registration is now open for VMword San Francisco—go register yourself and tell your friends. There are early bird discounts, VMUG Advantage discounts, other discounts that I can’t all remember, and of course the steepest discount of all is the speaker discount—if you present at the show, you will get your ticket free! There are still two more days left to submit your talk proposal, and the call for papers closes on the 18th of this month. This year, the VMworld team says there will be no extensions for the CFP, so if you miss the deadline, you’ll have to come back next year.

And finally, there will be three full-day VMUG conferences happening before the month is out: one in San Diego, another in Central Ohio, and also one in Denver. Go to to find a VMUG conference near you and to register.