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Yesterday, VMware has announced that we are going to acquire Wanova, a company that makes Wanova Mirage, an image replication and layering technology. With the combination of VMware View and Wanova Mirage, the benefits of central image management can be extended to more types of end point systems – including physical, virtual, tethered desktops and roaming laptops (Mac and PC).

In his blog post, our CTO of End-User Computing Scott Davis explains that both VMware View™ and Wanova Mirage provide centralized desktop image management, all or nothing patching and push button image resets. The key difference in these technologies is that VMware View images execute on servers in the data center and use a remote graphics protocol for the user interface, while Wanova Mirage images are transmitted and cached locally for runtime execution on the client systems. This makes Mirage well-suited for executing managed images on disconnected laptops, including MacBooks running VMware Fusion®.  And VMware View remains the ideal choice for executing images securely in the data center and delivering the user interface to remote devices such as tablets and thin clients. In this manner, the two products stand independently and when put together address a much broader swath of the market than either is capable of individually.

You can visit to read the full blog post.

On a lighter note, the VMware Go blog has published another installment of the “Andy, the Angry IT Guy” series, this time comparing corporate IT organizations to the Night’s Watch from the Game of Thrones. He covers the dangers of browser malware attacks, third-party applications, and the benefits of automation. Check out for the full post, and five more from the same dude Andy, he seems entertaining.

Wish you were at EMCworld? This week, my teammate Corey has launched a web app that plugs in with Instagram and collects snapshots tagged with EMCworld. They’ve also got a contest going with taking a picture of VMware+ card in front of something funny, interesting, or cool. Go to and have a look at all the pictures!

And finally, there will be two full-day VMUG conferences happening before the month is out: one in Western Pennsylvania, and one in Denver. Go to to find a VMUG conference near you and to register.