The biggest news of the week is the release of My VMware on April 14th. My VMware is the new integrated self-service account based site. We want to thank our customers for helping us shape this site with feedback and suggestions, and your continued involvement will be instrumental in making it great.

For example, we heard we needed to refine some of our customer alerts and improve messaging on some pages. While there’s still progress to make, we’re happy to report these issues have been resolved.

We have been facing some intermittent slowness and access issues during peak times, and some download links have not been working and some specific functionality has not worked on all browser versions. We are working on these issues and will continue to monitor and stabilize the environment.

If you are experiencing difficulties or just want to share your feedback or ideas for future enhancements with us, you can always contact us at You can also follow us on Twitter @vmwarecares for updates and helpful links.

For more details about this release, go to the Support Insider blog at

A refresh of the VMware View bootcamp has launched this week with four new videos. As of right now, two of them have been released already, and there are two more to go. We release them daily, so go to to watch the new content and to revisit the existing videos.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the View Bootcamp, it is a free training series of currently thirteen videos covering everything from setup and configuration best practices, to storage, networking, and persona management. It is entirely free to watch, and if you have questions, you can ask the experts right there in the public forum. At the end of the series, all slides get compiled into a free e-book, which you can sign up for to receive by filling in a simple form.

Once again, the URL is

As if the week hasn’t been busy already, we have also announced the preliminary results of this year’s vExpert applications on Sunday. As the list stands right now, we have about 400 titleholders this year.

As the program grew over the years, we went from just over a hundred vExperts in the first year back in 2009, over 300 in 2010, to 325 last year. We have received more than 500 applications, and our judges went through each and every one of them to make sure to pick the most enthusiastic and active VMware users who help us spread knowledge and expertise about VMware technology.

As always, we saw a large number of evangelists, such as bloggers and public speakers apply. But 2012 was also the first year, in which we have invited people whose contributions were non-public, such as partner and customer company employees, also to apply. The common theme for all of them was going above and beyond your day job to help others be successful with VMware, and once accepted into the program, we will make no distinction between the vExperts, no matter which path they chose.

We will continue updating the list as we finalize the results, and everyone should be receiving a notification email from us before the end of the week. You can view the current preliminary list of vExperts 2012 at

Congratulations everyone!

The End-User Computing Virtual Conference is going to take place in a couple of weeks on May the 3rd. It is free to attend for anyone who registers in advance. This virtual conference will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Attend a keynote from the VMware leadership team
  • Learn about the latest innovations in the VMware End-User Computing portfolio
  • Chat with VMware End-User Computing product experts
  • Network with peers 

Visit the End-User Computing blog for more details and the link to register:

Finally, there will be six full-day VMUG conferences happening in May: Connecticut, Carolinas, Central Ohio, San Diego, Western Pennsylvania, and Denver. Go to to find a VMUG conference near you and to register.