VMware Forum 2012 is hitting the road starting next month and it’s going to visit a number of cities in the Unites States. VMware Forum 2012 is a free, interactive, full-day event where you will learn about transforming IT, so that you can transform your entire business to respond more effectively to markets, competitors and customers. In sessions, you can listen to VMware, industry analysts and IT professionals discuss virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions and learn…

  • how to spend less time and money on integrating, running and supporting your IT infrastructure and more on new capabilities and services that yield business value and increase your competitive edge.
  • how intelligent virtual infrastructure helps preserve your existing investments while simplifying and automating IT.
  • how to modernize your applications and build the robust, cloud-ready applications of the future.
  • how to deliver end-user freedom, while maintaining IT security and control.

You should attend in person, so that you can participate in the hands-on labs and network with more than 1,000 local colleagues and our top partners who’ll be sharing best practice advice.

Visit to register for a VMware Forum 2012 event near you.

Wired has published an article about VMware Horizon Mobile and the bring-your-own-device phenomenon, which now has its own acronym: BYOD. “I have my life on my phone and I’m doing all my fun stuff, but then there’s a bubble — a zone of protection — that my company owns,” Herrod says. “When I’m in that bubble, I can only go to a corporate app store and all data is encrypted and all data transfers happen over a [virtual private network].” And when an employee departs, he adds, the company can remove business data and apps from a phone simply by zapping the virtual machine.

The article talks about our competition and the challenges of putting a power and resource hungry hypervisor onto mobile platform, and how VMware is solving them. Steve Herrod says that our cause will be helped when chip designer ARM adds virtualization-specific instructions to the processors that run most of today’s smartphones. In addition, he is hopeful for getting our virtualization tool into the core code of the Android OS, that way all official Android partners will get the tool automatically.

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This Friday, March the 9th at 10am Pacific time we will premiere the first episode of the weekly VROOM virtualization performance show on

At this time we have a series of five shows scheduled to air every Friday for five consecutive weeks, and hosted by Todd Muirhead of the Vroom performance blog with a little help from me.

We will open with a little introduction and proceed to stream a recorded segment in which Todd will speak about VMmark with a guest. While the feature segment will be playing, Todd will take questions via chat. The VMmark video will then become available to view on-demand on Livestream and YouTube.

Mark your calendars and tell your friends! There is no need to register, simply go to at 10am Pacific Standard Time this Friday. See you there!

And I wanted to mention that the vExpert applications are in full swing. We already have more than four hundred applicants, but I personally know a few procrastinators, and suspect there are more who need to fill in the application form before the gates close at the end of the day on March 15th.  Also, if you know someone who would make a great vExpert and may just need a little encouragement, invite your brilliant colleague to apply, at